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Need a rant - sorry!!

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My neighbour has an ex-feral - they are unsure of her age (something I always find weird, admittedly), and she really isn't well. He said when he came back off his hols earlier this year (April I think, but may have been earlier) that she was looking thin and needed to go to the vet - she still hasn't been, and is looking worse. The other week I went to stroke her and noticed parts of her fur had clumped together, but extremely close to her skin, so I didn't even attempt to brush it, but mentioned it to her owner, who said he had noticed and tried to brush them out but couldnt, so I did tell him you could see by looking at them you wouldn't be able to do it. He said he would keep an eye on it and maybe take her to the vet - i did warn him that they would have to put her under for it. I also mentioned she is eating a lot of grass, and he told me she is drinking a lot of water - i did mention they are signs of liver/kidney probs, and he told me he knew. I was talking to him last night about her, he said she is 'plodding on'. I did tell him i would be tempted to take her to the vets, and he said he was considering it but she was old????? I mentioned that she is acting out of character, and he didnt say anything. IMO (I haven't said this to him), she doesn't have a good quality of life, she sleeps all the time, and only goes out of the house to find some grass to eat (which to me says she is constantly feeling sick, and not something I would wish on a person, never mind a cat), is a fussy eater so is given a diet of pure chicken. I do think that if he ever does get round to taking her to the vets and they do blood tests, that there will be nothing they can do cos it has been left too long. I just don't know what I can say/do to persuade him to take her to the vets - I do have a soft spot for her!! I am not sure if these photos show how much she has gone downhill, the first one was taken in Nov, the second a week ago.

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aw she is so pretty!
I hope you do take her to the vet instead of him!
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Your neighbor is being an irresponsible pet owner. Can't you report him for animal cruelty or something like that?
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I was going to offer to take her to the vets, but he is the one that has to make any decisions when we get there, so might not be a good idea. I think he is being irresponsible, but I don't know if there is anyone that would get involved, as he is providing food, water and shelter for her, so I don't know if the RSPCA would do anything. Plus I really don't want to fall out with my neighbours, my cat spends a lot of time in there, so whatever I do, needs to be so we are still on speaking terms or things could be really awkward.
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I agree with you, from what you describe, it "could" be kidney related. Honestly, this owner sounds like finding out the diagnosis wouldn't make any difference...he won't treat her for what is wrong. Bad attitude imho.

I would say unless you can convince him to take her in, and that you'll assist him if he wants in any care needed (not pay for but help with medicating etc..just an extra pair of hands), or unless he'll surrender her to you for care and/or rehoming, you don't have anything you can do (except love her up if she'll let you when you see her).

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WEll, I discussed it with the other neighbour, and she said that 'she knows she has liver and kidney probs, but there is no point blood testing her as I know she wont eat the special food' - the sad part is that if this neighbour told him she needed to go to the vet, she would be taken. The other neighbour is known for taking too long to take her cats to the vets and for keeping her animals going longer than is kind.

Surrendering her to me isn't an option, I can't afford to, and he is literally my next door neighbour - as much as his cat loves me, she doesnt like other cats, so has never spent a lot of time in my house. I will keep dropping hints about her needing to go to the vets, and maybe suggest going with him. She used to always let me fuss her (she is temperamental, so I am the only one out of the three that fusses her every time I see her, and I am the only person who will pick her up), but she walks past me to eat the grass in my garden, then walks back past to go home, whereas before she would always let me fuss her, but now she just wants to get home to curl up on the chair.
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Fwiw, the best site on the web re kidney failure and cats is by a british based gal, it's called Tanya's page and is located here ...while special food is usually prescribed, many cats won't eat it, there are alternatives, such as a decent canned food and phosphorous binders (some are tasteless) mixed in, and from this site, she lists pages with homemade recipes etc.

If you wish, simply check the section on stomach acid and such is easily treated with pepcid ac or holistically with slippery elm bark syrup or powder in capsule form...but of course, this is all best co-ordinated with a vet.

Fwiw, so long as she's not on meds, the slippery elm bark syrup won't hurt her, the pepcid ac..that is another matter, dose is important and it really shouldn't be used without being sure she even has crf and that it's appropriate for her....but...if you are willing or the owner is, Tanya's site is written with british sources for finding things and is the *best* really goes over all the issues - the nausea, lack of appetite, constipation they get, need for hydration etc.

Educating yourself may be the best way to see if you can think of a way to help her.

Sounds like you have a special bond with this tough little tabby gal
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I do have a special bond with her - she knows that I love her unconditionally and if I pick her up and she has a tiff at me, she knows she can come back 2 seconds later and she will be treated as normal - like I said, I am also the only person who bothers petting her. My other neighbour 'bragged' that she has only been to the vet once in 9 years (it was 3 times really, she forgot about the check up and dental she had last year) - I told her that it was nothing to brag about, cats should go to the vets at least once a year just for a check up. They are the kind of people who only take cats to the vets when they are ill, and what is more worrying is that they did rescue work for 10 years, and claim to be knowledgable cat owners.
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Originally Posted by booktigger
They are the kind of people who only take cats to the vets when they are ill, and what is more worrying is that they did rescue work for 10 years, and claim to be knowledgable cat owners.
Oh boy
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I know!!! She is knowledgeable on some stuff, and she does know a bit about liver values, which is why I can't understand her not persuading the neighbour to take the cat to the vet - when my foster had to be pts last year, she told me his levels were that high that he would have only had a couple more weeks and would be in pain yet 'knows' this cat has liver and kidney probs. She also has other weird opinions on cat ownership, and sadly I used to believe her - luckily I found a couple of cat forums, and now things are done very differently in my house!!
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Just spoke to the other neighbour - she mentioned Pepsi had been sick, so I took my opportunity to say I wasn't surprised as she is ill and needs to go to the vets. The reply was 'There is no point, she is old and has kidney probs'!!!! I said she needs to be bloodtested to see how high her levels are, and was told there was no point as they would only give her special food and she wouldnt eat it. I said they may be able to give her medication, and she didnt know that, but her next 'excuse' was that the cats owner might not be able to afford £150 for the tests, so (while thinking he shouldn't have cats if he can't afford treatment) I told her that the last blood tests I had done were only £60 (although I did get let off with the consultation fee, as my vet knows how much I spend and tries to work with me), her response was 'She might have to have more than one'!!! I told her it was unlikely, and she said 'Yes, but by the time you add in the consultation fee, and treatment, it will be nearly £100. I just said it was worth it to make her life more comfortable and left it at that. I think the only chance this cat has of getting to the vets is if she collapses or is seriously ill, by which point there wont be any options available for her.
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What a pretty cat. I hope you can persuade the neighbor to take care of it.
Keep us posted.
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I am's obvious they know the cat is ill and they aren't going to treat her. I find that very sad. To knowingly let a cat suffer without bothering to treat it, is not right.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
I am's obvious they know the cat is ill and they aren't going to treat her. I find that very sad. To knowingly let a cat suffer without bothering to treat it, is not right.
I agree 100%. This makes me
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