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Just found a baby squirrel, what to do?

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Its 1:30 a.m. and we heard this loud noise outside and it seem that Peanut, the outside cat, brought up a baby squirrel to the front of the house. I don't know how he could have gotten there otherwise, poor baby. He has fur and is small but his eyes arent open yet. I dont have any kitten replacement milk in the house to try to feed this little guy. I went out and put him in a small bin with holes in the top and put him on a soft towel. I dont know what else to do for him until in the morning. I think we may have some wildlife rescue people in the area that I plan on trying to contact in the morning. We do have lots of trees in our yard so its possible that he fell from one of them and the cat brought him up. He doesnt appear to be injured. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had one before and what to do till I can find some wildlife rescue people. Thanks!
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The baby squirrel may not make it to morning. A cat has so much bacteria in their mouth and this bacteria is lethal to birds and small rodents even without being bit. This baby was either taken out of the nest or fell, and unless you know what you are doing, chances are it won't make it till morning. Keep it warm and covered- it needs food- but unless you have the right feeder- it is a bottle with a really long tip on it, the baby won't be able to latch on and suck down the milk.

Check the mouth for dryness, look for red streaks in the gums indicating dehydration. Pinch the skin lightly to see if the baby is dehydrated. You can use a small feeding syringe and warm up some pedialyte to see if he will take that- go slow don't asphirate the poor thing-
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Thanks for replying. I read that about cats not even having to bite for them to get bacteria on the animal. I sure hope he makes it till morning. He isnt crying. I loosely put a towel in the small bin and put him on it. He kind of snuggled into it. I did find the number of a wildlife rehabilitator in my small town so I will call her first thing in the morning. I know the chances for this little one arent good. I dont have any pedialyte or anything here. Stores close here in this small town at night so I will have to wait till morning. We only have 2 grocery stores. We do have lots of squirrels here in our neighborhood. We have a tree in the front yard that I think he may have come from. Do you think the mom will come for him if I sit the bin under the tree and keep watch. I'm not sure how long he has been without food. They say the mom wont take a cold squirrel back to the nest. Poor little one. He was crying really loud right outside of my window when I found him. Since I put him in the bin he hasnt been crying.
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Aww hope he makes it through OK!
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AWWW! Poor baby!! Can you take a picture of him? Please!
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I sure hope the little bugger made it, sounds like you did all you could at that time of night.

A few years ago when my hubby's labrador retriever Hagar was still living, he brought us a baby squirrel that had fallen from a tree and was screaming. We took him to the Lyndsay Wildlife Museum and they fixed his little broken hip and sent him to a squirrel foster home.

They would have re-located him back in our yard, but for the dog. Too bad, because Hagar actually saved the baby squirrel's life. He was kind to kitties as well.
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In a pinch you can use Evaporated Milk or even a little sugar water to feed the squirrel. Just to get you through the night and until you can get to a store. Then either use Goat's milk or Kitten's replacement milk to feed them with. Also keep them warm and make sure what you feed them is warm.
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Ohh, the poor thing. You're so good for trying to help! Keep us posted, please?
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WOW I didn't know that about the bacteria in the mouth thing...ewwwwwww! Good to know though, last year I found a chipmunk that had been attacked by an outdoor cat, and while he looked "ok" he didnt make it through the night either...weird...thanks!
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I would try feeding him hard cat food soaked in water so it is soft! I had to feed baby birds dog food until I could get them some where. Also put him on a heating pad on low. Good luck
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Well, he has made it so far. I just cant get him to go to the bathroom. I have tried and tried. I have a friend in Alabama who does wildlife rescue and he has 8 baby squirrels at the moment and if I can get him to stay alive I will take him over to him. I got those elongated nipples from petsmart with a small bottle and he really goes for the milk. I'm giving him Esibilac for puppies.
I will try to get a picture of him today. He's very small. He reminds me of a gerbil. I'm going to try to get ahold of the wildlife rescue lady here in my area, I tried all day yesterday and couldnt get an answer on the phone. If I cant get her I will try to get him over to my friend in Alabama one night this week.
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I know this is going to be gross but wet your finger or a Qtip with warm water and rub over the squirrell's private parts until he/she goes. Just make sure you have a towel or rag available to catch it when it does come. ack Just keep us updated on the squirrell ok
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Just an update on Stinky the squirrel. He went to my friends house yesterday. He is a wildlife rehabilitator and he has 8 other squirrels and he has 2 others about the same age is this one. He did great on his trip over. I had to go get my daughter in Atlanta yesterday, a four hour drive from here and I met my husband there (he was on a business trip close by in Anniston Alabama and he drove over and picked Stinky up and took him to our friends house. I fed him before we left and then again in Atlanta and then he went to his new home. My friend has others that he has taken in and raised and they live in his backyard and he feeds them a looks after them. I cant believe how much he grew in a week. He went from eyes closed and barely moving around to a really cute little guy with fur and a white furry belly and loved to eat! Hope he lives a long life.
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That's awesome! When I first read this thread, I thought for sure the poor little guy wouldn't make it.
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Well done!! The little fella must have really thrived under your care
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Great to hear!
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I'm so relieved to hear the sweet little thing is thriving. I too read the thread from the begining and didn't think he would make it. WHEW!
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Great, I thought the poor baby would't make it too.

Reminds me of when my friend's mum's old tomcat adopted an orphaned baby squirrel: He washed the baby, purring, until the animal shelter people came and took his "kitten" away.
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I once had a pet squirrel. My grandparunts found it and me and my mom went over...the little adorable thing used to fallow my grandpa around...though, sadly, it eneded up dieing. ^^ when I first read this I was hopeing it would say that it lived and I have to say I'm glad it did! I think you did a great job with it!

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An update on the squirrel, his name is now Savannah Charlie, he is doing great! He lives with 3 other squirrels at my friends house, he says they go outside and run around the willow tree out back all day and then come back on their own to their cage where he raised them at night to sleep. He is doing a great job with him and the others. My husband found a baby dove the other night and called him and took him over to him and he had the birds food ready for him when he got there. He is retired from the military and does wildlife rehab with a group there. He is such a caring person. I'm really glad that the little squirrel is doing great!
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Good news.
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Great news.
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