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I have 2 spots of ringworm on me, and my neice got it on her face.
I think the cats may have it aswell.....crap. I have 5, so this needs to be cost effective. I am moving in 2 weeks, so I am broke! Normally paying the vet a visit isn't a problem, but this comes at an awful time. This is almost enough to give me a nervous breakdown....it's awful awful timing.
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Methinks you will have to find a way to do the vet visit. Maybe he/she can work out some sort of payment plan, but the ringworm should be treated. I'm assuming you and your niece have gone to your doctor for your own treatment and I believe (not sure) that you and the animals can get it from each other.
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I haven't noticed any lesions on the cats though....that's the funny thing.
The Dr., I saw seems to think I would have more than likely picked it up at work (I'm a hairstylist, and we're prone to catching crap from dirty customers)
I am just worried that they have it....I only thought that, because my neice has it now.
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One of our experts should be along to help you out soon. Since this isn't really a chat site, you don't always get answers immediately but fairly quickly.

Have you checked the cats carefully?

Off topic - you say you are a hairdresser - I've been looking for a good one and am having a lot of trouble. I could use you.
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I'm actually going through a similar problem. I believe I have ringworm, and am not sure if the kitties also have it, or how to check them. How do you get ringworm anyways? I can't figure it out!
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I am sorry to hear you are dealing with this. Just in general for others posting and reading in this thread:
click here for an image of what ringworm looks like on a human
and click here for good vet article on ringworm and then for an excellent jump point (medlineplus)to section covering different issues (diagnosis, treatment, etc.), click here
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I caught ringworm last year from petting my feral/stray colony. Thank goodness none of my resident cats/kittens caught it from me. I found that bag balm worked really well on the spots...took away the itching & the redness disappeared.
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When I got ringworm last yr I went to drugstore and treated myself with Lamisil cream-I think any antifungal will work-just make sure that its states it will treat ringworm. You have to apply it for 2 weeks I think.
But the cats will have to be treated-I had 4 and the meds cost me $276 US last December. My vet went through an internet pharmacy cause it was cheaper.
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