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Indoor cat got out...need advice!

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My indoor-only kitty got outside for the first time ever! I have always worried about this, because the lady I got him from had all four of his paws declawed, so he's pretty defenseless and/or unable to even climb a tree. Anyway, I had left a window pushed up a few inches last night, and when I got up this morning, my kitty was missing and the screen from the open window was lying on the ground outside. (I was so distraught!) Went outside with a bag of cat food, rattling the bag, calling the kitty...and within minutes he came slinking around the side of the house, looking quite weary and more than willing to come inside. Once inside, I gave him a once-over. He has a broken whisker and when I ran my hands gently over him, he meowed when I touched his left side, and seemed to be favoring this spot. He seemed exhausted, so I gave him fresh water and food and let him rest. This evening, he seems to have "bounced back" quite a bit and is eating and drinking water normally, but I notice he's grooming this spot on his left side a bit and I felt something like matted fur there briefly, but he won't let me touch that spot. I definitely think he got some sort of wound there. (BTW he's a maine coon mix, so is something of a long-haired kitty.)

This may seem like a stupid question, but should I take him to the vet immediately, or wait a few days and see if this spot seems to heal up? Though my kitty is our only beloved family pet, I really can't afford a vet bill at all right now. I am worried though, and may end up taking him just to ease my mind if nothing else.

I would so appreciate any opinions or advice!
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Take him in the morning- there is no telling what happened to him outside, and with no claws he has no protection. He could have even been hit by a car, or a bike- I would ask for x-rays and a complete exam.
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First of all, welcome!

Hopefully all is well with your boy, but peace of mind can still be the best medicine. It is definitely best to have him seen by the vet, particularly since he won't let you examine the area. Hissy is definitely right, so many outside dangers. I understand how fast vet bills can add up, but many vets are accommodating and can offer payment plans, etc.

Good Luck! And please let us know what you find out, we'll be thinking of you and your boy!
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I think you'll feel better if you take him to the vet. Something happened. I'm sorry your cat was declawed by the previous owner. I'm so much against declawing. But he's a happy kitty now with a good home and hopefully his experience outside is enough to make him want to stay inside with you.
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Thanks very much, you guys!

I've meant to post an update, but it's been an insanely busy week. Took my little man Duncan to the vet. I had been able to get a good look at the spot on his side the night before, and it was definitely a bite wound beginning to show signs of infection. The vet shaved the area, treated the wound, gave him an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic injection, and sent us home with oral antibiotics. He also got an exam, and he's a healthy and handsome little man. The wound is looking really good now.

all the screens on every window in the house have been checked and reinforced. No more late-night adventures for Mr. Duncan...!

Also, regarding him being declawed - it makes me sad to think he had no defenses while outside, and obviously tangled with another animal (most likely another cat, judging by the appearance of the bite) but was totally helpless unless he could get close enough to use his teeth. My overwhelming feeling when I look at his poor empty paws? It's sad and just not fair.
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Glad your little cat is okay. Cat bites can be nasty. I am glad you didn't wait to have him looked at by the vet.
I am very much against declawing a cat. They can be taught to use a scratching post inside the house. All it takes is some patience. Two of my cats were inside and then we got a third. My husband developed allergies and we had to move them outside. They are confined to our yard within a fence they can't get out of and other cats can't get inside. Just the same, I am so glad I never declawed them When we first got the cat fence in system on our fence, we did have a problem or two with other cats coming over it. Once we got is adjusted right, we never had any more problems. But my cats were not defenseless when that happened.
Good luck with your cat.
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On the declawing thing, we had our big guy {panther} declawed in his front feet. I have never had a cat declawed before, I didn't think it was a big deal, any way after what he went through I said to Yvonne that I won't put any of the others through that. He came home with these big huge clubby things on his feet and he hurt so much he would stand with his front feet in the dogs water dish. Then he got a high temp the naxt day so he had to go back to the vet. Also all the stress on him was so bad he is not the same cat as before he was declawed. He will not let anyone pick him up now because I think he thinks he is going to the vet again when I pick him up, he gets so scared when I pick him up he sheds hair all over me. Plus there is the self defence thing to think about. Yvonne got a few of those scratch pad things with cat nip in them and they pretty much all use them instead of walls or funiture to stretch and scratch on.
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Glad that he's OK.
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