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Advice please

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When I was 16 I lived in the UK in a house with a large garden. We got a 3 year old cat from a rescue centre and she lived very happily with us until she died. (Except for a few incidents where she got stuck on the roof.)

I am now in a 5th floor flat in Seoul. We tried having a dog but it was the wrong breed for this environment and we sent him back to his original owner (who loves him very much so that was ok). We're thinking about cats but after the experience with the dog (I don't really like dogs to be honest) I don't want to have a bad experience with another pet and have to rehouse it. It's really not fair on the pet.

So I have some questions. How do you train a kitten to use a litter box and if you get an older cat how do you help it cope with its new environment and help it learn how to use a litter box. In Seoul an older cat is likely to have lived in a flat with its previous owner because few people have houses.

When you take in a new cat in a flat does it tend to slot in easily or does it cause as much chaos as a puppy? I'm being brutal with my questions because I want to know everything that can go wrong.
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A cat would be fine in a flat. I would highly recommend that you keep the cat as indoor only. Usually the mother cat will teach the kittens to use litter so unless the kitten was taken from the mother cat too early it should already know about litter and how to use it.

Most of the knowledgeable folks here suggest 2 litter boxes since some kitties don't like to pooh and pee in the same box. Scooping the litter at least once per day will prevent any odour from the boxes.

I hope to hear soon that you have given a lovely cat a new home.
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Lots of members here live in flats and I don't think there are any problems.
I concur that any cat/kitten should be kept indoors esp a 5th floor flat.
Just make sure the cat cannot get out of the windows-do you have window screens??
Good luck.
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