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Our new boy

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His name is Gator and he's got a short little, stumpy, half-tail. He's such a lover. He's a joyous addition to our family.
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He is Beautiful!!! I Orange babies!!!
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Awwww he's a sweetie! What happend to his tail?
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What a cute kitten
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We don't know what happened to his tail. The group we adopted him from said he'd been found in a barn. When we took him to the vet, he said rats could have eaten his tail, or that he could be like a manx and just genetically has a short tail. We elected not to have him x-rayed, which might have shown what happened. I prefer to think he just has a short tail.

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Hi Gator!
You very handsome! = from the girls in yayi's gang
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Hi Gator...you are a very handsome boy. I love your sweet tail.
Sadie Cat
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