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Little Buka

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My friends Amber and Alli got this little darling a few months ago and I just got to get pics a couple weeks ago so I wanted to show you all her cuteness.. Don't let that fool you though shes a little poophead! She doesnt cuddle or play, she attacks... I woke up in the morning with her giving me staredown on my chest. lol

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Oh my goodness look at her! Awwww look at her lying on her paw
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Aww, I love the picture in the bag !

My Ellie didn't like to cuddle when we first got her either, it took her a while to get out of her pouncing and stalking stage, but now she loves belly rubs and cuddles.

Too cute, thanks for sharing!
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Wow... Look at those eyes!!
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I love her face! Her eyes look like they've been lined!
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That second picture is great!, looks like she's posing for the camera
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I love the bag picture!! What a cutie!
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Very very cute!!!
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Yea I had fun taking pics.. I have a BUNCH more lol She may be a meanie but she's a ham.
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