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I'm new! Some pics of my cat with "tortitude"!

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I was told in "New Cats on the Block" that my cat had tortitude! So I thought I'd post a few pics of her proving that to be true! I hope I do this right!

Looking for her treats.

New bookshelves: trying to figure out a way onto that top shelf. She fell off a few times. Didn't stop her from trying, though!

I'm convinced she's learning all she can about silly humans, so that she can eventually take over the world.

And, finally, Roscoe the dog does NOT like to share his bed with BratCats. Scout, the ultimate BratCat, has found a way to share without his consent.

Hope you liked them!! Looking forward to looking at pics of all your cats!!
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Those are brilliant!, and i have a little girl who can have tortitude also but love her to bits

That picture of her on that guys back reminds me of when i had my stair carpet fitted, and Rosie jumped on his back to watch I went to get her off him but he said to leave her she was ok
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What a lovely girl!!!! That last picture is the best! She looks very satisfied and mischeivous. I think she's actually smirking! Did poor Roscoe ever figure out his bed had been usurped?
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I love the last one!!!
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Great pics!!
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Ohhh how I love torties! Your baby girl is precious . I look forward to more pictures of her!

Welcome to TCS!
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She's adorable!! It looks like she has the same curiosity that my Penelope (a mostly black tortoishell) has. Penelope is most excited when I take on a project that involves building, boxes, tools, etc. She always wants to "help."
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Shes so mischievious!

Most Tortis and Calicos I meet have an attitude.. not in a good way.
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You have your hands full, I know. Sophie's my little calico bundle of curiosity here. I love that last picture!
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Another baby with Tortitude here saying what a gorgeous little girl Scout is!
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Great pictures!
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Your pictures are adorable. Scout definitely has tortitude.
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Those are cute! How mischevious!
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