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New Here! My new Persian cat is not eating!

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Hello all,
I am new here, just registered yesterday. I also just adopted a beautiful Cream bi-color persian female (spayed). The previous owner told me she was 3 yrs. old and I thought she would make a good companion for my DLH male (neutered) cat who is the sweetest cat but I've felt he's lonely for a feline companion.

Anyhow, I went to see the Persian yesterday & brought her home very scared. When I got home, I finally got a chance to see her registration papers & said she's actually going to be 6 next month. She coward in the corner of the crate & wouldn't come out. My male instantly tried to play & rub against her between the bars but she doesn't show any interest. I left the crate door open & she later came out on her own when I wasn't looking. She hid upstairs so I placed liter box, food & water in the bathroom for her to use if she needed to but she stayed curled up & hiding her face in the corner of the staircase almost all day & night. She is now hiding under my sons bunkbed & won't come out to eat, drink or use the liter box. I realized she would be shy & scared the first few days possibly weeks but I'm getting worried that she hasn't touched her food. Any ideas? How long can she go without eating? Thanks in advanced,
Icehouse'smom (new mommy to Cleo)
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Hi, welcome to TCS to you and your kitties! Please take Cleo to the Vet for an examination promptly. A cat not eating can quickly turn into a potentially deadly condition called hepatic lipidosis
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welcome and search site for intro stuff there is alot of it.. enjoy your new "kid"
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I would separate the cat totally from any other animals. Provide water. As long as the cat has water, she will be okay for awhile. In the meantime, I would introduce the cats to each other slowly, but provide this new cat with its own private space until they get used to each other.
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Poor sweetie, I'm sure she wonders "why" and "where am I?" I'd keep your male from being able to get into the room she's currently in, keep the door closed and let her have some quiet while she thinks about things

Is she fairly flat faced? You may find she'll be best able to eat with a plate or shallow wide bowl...if you go to the breeders section and search on persians feeding, it should bring up some threads on this.

I agree with Stephanie...get her to a vet for a full exam, make sure she doesn't have a bit of a uri brewing affecting her sense of smell. I hate to say it, but the previous owner already lied to you about her age, so I'd not take their word for it re her health.

You are right to be concerned re eating...she needs to be eating something, anything, asap. Try smelly wet food (fish based), baby food meat, a bowl of plain unseasoned chicken broth.

Every couple of hours go into the room she's being kept in, and sit down, don't try to find her, just sit there, talk to her, tell her what a wonderful new life she will have with you..calm, soothing tone, with real warmth...and each time bring some food on a container...see if she'll come out to it or to you.

If not, push the food under towards her, so when you leave she can eat "hidden". You can easily check later if it's wet food, to see if she's eaten any. I'd not let her go longer than today without eating.
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When I first brought my Billy home he hid under my bed and never came out when I was around. I would keep your current cat away from her, and make sure its dark and quiet. Leave the food where she can get it without having to go too far from her hiding place. Billy wouldn't touch the dry food, but he would come out at night for some wet food. He didn't come out to use his litterbox for a day or two, but the vet said that would be okay as long as he used it soon. Good luck with your new girl!
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When you bring a cat from one environment to the next, they are understandably scared and overwhelmed. I would keep the other cats from her, let her hide- and be sure she has food and water near her hidey hole as well as two litter pans for her to use.

You have several days before you need to worry about health issues, unless she hasn't been eating before. But a vet check would be a good idea anyway just to play it safe.
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