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sccaaatt Does it work?

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Has anyone here had success with the product Scaat? The device that has a motion sensor and sounds an alarm and sprays a non poisonous gas when the cat gets within a meter of the device? Can you still get near your own kitchen counter if you have scatt set up, or are you sprayed too?
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Sounds pretty intense! I prefer to use a water bottle to direct kitties off of the kitchen counter when they're not supposed to be there--Emma once dried to drag off a whole roast chicken, and though adorable, that's not a good thing!
I've never heard of the Scaat and don't know anyone who has one, so I'm afraid I can't help you there. But, it seems like a pretty extreme way to keep kitties off the counter.
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I would think by the description it probably sprays anything and everything!
What a silly device!
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I would suggest before going to such a drastic measure you email our cat behaviorist Wendy- you can find her column Herding Cats in the Behavior section of the website, not the forums. I know she helped me immensely several times with my cats' and their problems.
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Well, it's a rather expensive solution for a kitchen countertop deterrent. Yes, it does work deterring the cat. But it will spray when anything moves within the sensor's range. This means you, too. And I don't think it's very reliable. I've bought several and have had a failure rate of one in three, which is unsatisfactory. The warranty was honored, but still.....

And then there are the expensive refills. All in all, I can't recommend it. Try some of the other solutions.
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