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Cat acting very strangely

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Last night I was watching TV when I heard my cat meow the most strangest sounding meow. It was loud and long, and I went to find out what was the matter because he usually doesn't make a sound and is very quiet. He was hiding behind the tv stand and when he saw me he made the same loud deep meow, he was obviously in distress. I got very nervous because he looked wide eyed and his pubils were big so I put all the dogs away and took him into another room with me so I could watch him. I noticed that he was starting to squat, like he had to poop but couldn't. He'd lie there on the ground afterwards and meow in upset. So I figured maybe he's constupated and got him some oily tuna, he ate about two bites and prompty threw up all over the place, bubbles and tuna, nothing else. So I made him a small little litter box, thinking maybe he hurt to much to climb inside his and he went in there and tried to go to the bathroom but couldn't.

This morning I woke up to him in the same condition, he's still unable to go to the bathroom and his litterbox is empty. I'm going to take him to the vet today if they can get us in, but any ideas what "may" be wrong?

~ Amber and her cat Gack.
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It's possible that your cat is constipated, but it's also possible he has FLUTD which is a very serious condition and if the cat has a blockage it can become deadly very quickly. Please read this link for more information on FLUTD, http://www.thecatsite.com/Cats/Cat_H...isease.htmland and please have your cat thoughly checked out by a vet immediately !!!!!!!
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I would take your cat to the vet today-
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Originally Posted by hissy
I would take your cat to the vet today-

Definitely, to the vets ASAP.
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Most definiately, it could be a urinary blockage..whatever it is, it *is* a "must see the vet today". Even if you have to do it as a drop off apt., make sure they understand this began yesterday, and is continuing and that you want him seen today.
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This cat is in much distress. I hope you have taken him to the vet today. Prayers for the little kitty. Please keep us posted how he is doing.
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Toby, my mother's cat, suffered from FUTD. Anytime he experienced a blockage, his bahavior was much like your cat's. I hope that the vet saw him today. Please let us know how he's doing.
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POOR BABY! I hope he is okay and the vet can help you out!
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Oh boy - poor baby - what the Vet say?????

Hope he is OK!
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Yes, I would say he could be blocked, too. Other than that, if he vomited right after eating, it could be constipation or a hairball...If not blocked, try a tablespoon of canned pumpkin once a day till resolved, or Laxatone, as directed. Good luck! Keep us posted!
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I would take the cat to the vet asap. I didn't see the signs and thought my cat just had a upset stomach but he was blocked. I took him to the emergency vet clinic and when I got there they told me I had to make a descion fast because my cat was going to die if they didn't do sugery. He couldn't pee and I didnt't see it till it was almost to late. Now I am suffering from trying to pay $3000 in vet bills which I don't have. So I hope your cat is ok and I pray that you don't have to go though what I am going through right now. He at this moment is trying to pee and can't and I am torn from taking him to the ER again because I don't have the money. I hope you and your cat the best.
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Got news?
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HOw is your cat now? Please keep us posted. Prayers to your cat and all the little animals having problems today.
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