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not new but never formally introduced

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i have been around here for a while but never introduced myself

i am althea and i currently have two wonderful cats- Nell an 8 yr old pretty tuxedo girl

and Mickie, age 18 a tiger tabby, who was my sisters cat until two years ago.
i adopted her because my sister's dog has become so senile he has forgotten that he is not allowed to eat the cat

and Mickie is just senile enough to have forgotten that it is not safe to walk across a sleeping dogs back

i have had several other cats and am now the proud grandma of two wonderful kitties.(my daughter has adopted two cats)

if you would like to see photos and more info, you can go to my webshots page at

there is an album of the grandkitties! they are so funny! i love catsitting them.

there is an entire album devoted to my dear departed boy Snoopy, one amazing cat- i will post his story if anyone is interested. although he was only with me one short year, he made a profound impact on my life. i miss him so much!!

(these are all public albums, no password needed)

i am very busy with my old girl now, as she is in renal failure and her senility is causing her to be very anxious and needy.
i do my best to meet her needs, as i know she will not be with me for much longer.

well thats about it, for now, i guess, if i get started talking about my kitties i will never get my housework done today!

althea and the girls
sara and snoopy in spirit
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Welcome!!! beautiful babies...see ya around!
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thanks! i have to say, i think so too! (not that i am biased or anything) lol
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Thank you for the introduction! I am glad you spoke up I am sure we would love to hear about Snoopy . If and when you ever feel up to it, maybe you could post a tribute to him in the Rainbow Bridge forum.
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I'm glad you offically introduced yourself..I checked out your website

I look forward to chatting on the forums
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Hi! and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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well hi and officially welcome to TCS...your kits and beautiful
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Hello and welcome!
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i would love to show off my babies too

how is it done?
i have not yet found anything that says how to add a signature, let alone photos

ok ok, i have dial up, these things take time, LOTs nad LOTs of time
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Hi welcome to the site.
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I are so happy you and your family are here with us!

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thanks for the warm welcome everyone! please if you get a chance check out the Bridge forum
i posted a story and tribute to my dear sweet boy Snoopy
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Hello!! Nice to meet you!!!
Your furbabies are beautiful!!

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