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Amanda's Horsie

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Hey ya'll, this is Amanda's horse Hashil.
Very beautiful animal... aahhh if only I had a ranch!

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Wow! He's gorgeous Amanda I wouldn't mind having a ranch many little room :rainbow:
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Very beautiful horse!!!!! And very health looking too!
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Ooo, he's lovely! Looks pretty intelligent too.
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I love his intelligent face! Handsome boy!
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Hashil is GORGEOUS Amanda!!! He's so regal!!! Good luck in your future races!

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He is very striking looking!
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He's very beautiful! Just wondering, is he a Thoughbred or an Arabian?
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Ken...thank you soooooooo much *mmmwwwaahhhhhhh* you are a darling.

My boy Hashil is a looker - if only I were a mare He is a 5 year old (well his birthday is Feb 28th) Arabian - he has been gelded. He is a great horse I love him to bits. I feed him the best feed I can get where and he loves it. He is a fantastic endurance horse and he has a little bit of fire in him as well
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Gorgeous horse, Amanda!
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WOW!!! Amanda hes beautiful!!! I love horses - so elegant!!! I can't have one though... no room in our house!! hahaha :laughing2
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Beautiful!!!!! I think horses are such magnificant creatures!!!
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Horses are about my favorite animal! Yours is a beautiful one, Amanda. Thanks for sharing.
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Originally posted by Amanda
My boy Hashil is a looker - if only I were a mare
HAHAHA!! AMANDA!!! You're soooooo bad!! HA!! :laughing2 :laughing2

By the way, you got the thumbs up on an email you sent me! Loco Weda!! haha!

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For Amanda and all the riders and horselovers here's something truly Canadian..the R.C.M.P. Musical Ride.
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That was absolutely incredible! I never seen those horses before and the mixture of the bloodline is outstanding! I've owned horses when I was younger and one day will have one again. The upkeep on a horse is very expensive and constant!

A horse is so fragile to many things and must be vetted quite a bit. It's a large responsibility and it's wonderful to see those horses handled so articulately.

I know Amanda's horse is taken care of in this manner. She is definitely no slouch when it comes to the care of her prized possesion. It's quite obvious as you and everyone else can see in his picture. He is the picture of health!

Hats off to the Canadian's for such a wonderful history of the Canadian Mountie's.

Thanks for the link; it was quite informative and inspiring!
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What a beauty - great head on him!
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Wayne, you mentioning the Canadian Mounties reminds be of the movie about the American Mounted Cavalry. They were no longer going to me "mounted" so they were going to murder all the horses but some "rouge" members of the cavalry stole them and crossed the Canadian border to give them to the Canadians. Very good movie.
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sfell..that sounds like an interesting movie,do you remember what it was called?

The Musical ride is a big part of Canadian tradition. They've performed before American presidents and the Queen of England loves them.

Their final maneuver is always the mounted charge towards the grandstand. I was at one of their rehearsals and they were charging towards me. From "ground zero",let me tell you, it'll make your heart skip a couple of beats to see all those horses running towards you. Stupid-ass politicians have tried to do away with the Ride several times...but the whole country goes nuts.
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I'll have to ask my dad, he will definitely know.
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I saw that movie too. I think it was on HBO. Only saw the last part of it.
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Amanda - your horse is beautiful. From the time I was 12 I went to riding camp every summer until I was 16. I spent to holidays on a dude ranch in Arizona. I wish I could have a horse, but it is difficule as I live in the city.

Wayne - I love the musical ride! Last autumn, I saw them perform at the change of command ceromonies for the Governer General's Horse Guard at Old Fort York (my cousin is a cadet with them). It was amazing!
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Amanda, Hashil is gorgeous so majestic and what a great mane! you must spend hours giving him his buff and brush:-)

I love horses too; they're about my favourite animal besides cats and birds (odd combination the last two I know, but what can I say? :LOL

little bit of trivia for everyone... it was the RCMP who gave the Queen her horse, the one she used to ride side-saddle on for Trooping of the Colour and official functions. Anyway, when that horse died she decided there was no replacing him; she's ridden in an open carriage for Trooping the Colour ever since.
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