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HELP ME!!!!!

My 2 year old male is shedding alot. I change their food, every so often. Seems like when I change their food and it does not matter to what It kicks into high gear. Does anyone know of an affordable food that I can feed him to help control the shedding factor.

Susanna In Arkansas
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Out of curiosity, why are you changing his food so often?
Have you tried brushing or combing him regularly? If he is short haired, once a week is good enough.
Remember that cat's hair grows seasonally not continuously which is why they shed more during spring and less in autumn or like in my case since I leave in Asia, less shedding during the cooler months and a lot during the hot season.
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I don't think the food will affect the shedding much. Some cats just shed more than others, and you have to deal with it.
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It's important to get a good brush to comb your kitty on a regular basis especially if they are med/long haired. I would avoid changing their food too much it can make them more picky and can cause health issues.
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Shedding is just the loss of dead hair and as some of the others have said, brushing and combing help to cut down on shedding. I bathe my persians too, which really minimizes the shedding but not everyone wants to bathe their cats. Others take them to a groomer twice a year or so, to be bathed and groomed. That helps a lot too. Other then that... shedding is just part of the package!
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