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"Baby" Bones is gone

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After 10 hard fought months battling advanced crf (chronic renal failure), Bones let me know that he was just too tired to fight anymore. I just couldn't put him through one more procedure. At the vet's office he just layed quietly while he was given an injection of Telazol to put him to sleep. I spent a few minutes holding him and talking to him as he drifted off. Then my vet applied a tourniquette and gave the final injection. I was holding him and it was very peaceful.

I miss him so much. We had 10 wonderful years together. He was a little "monster" in his younger years. I'll never forget the morning I woke up to a shredded loaf of bread all over my counter. You see Bones was a starving "dumpster" kitten when we found him. That is how he got his name. Food was very important to him. When I couldn't get him to eat anything no matter how hard I tried, I knew it was time to let him go.

This is Bones hanging out in one of my closets just two days ago. This is pretty much what he did the last week of his life. Unfortunately I learned a lot treating CRF. If it happens again to one of my cats, I will be better prepared. I think I made mistakes treating Bones and it will haunt me forever.

I love you Bones and will miss you very much!!

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Oh..Bones was a beautiful cat. It is so hard to say goodbye to a friend..I am so sorry for your loss

RIP Bones
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I am sorry for your loss. Bones was a very special kitty.
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Bless his little heart You had a little angel there in Bones from the sound of things.

Don't blame yourself for whatever mistakes you think you've made, because Bones would have known that you did your best. For a start you rescued him as a starving kitten and gave him a warm loving home with plenty of food!.

You've shared a happy memory with us, and i've no doubt that you will have hundreds more, so keep thinking of those instead of the thoughts that you say will haunt you.

RIP Bones sweet pea Run and chase those butterflies!
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Bless your heart. Don't ever second guess what you did for this cat. The love you felt for him is very clear to all of us who read your post. I am sure you did everything you thought was right at the time. I lost my tuxedo cat, Max, to renal failure in July. He was healthy on Thursday and gone by the next Monday. The dr. thought at first it was chronic, but then he said Max showed signs of both chronic and accute renal failure. We have no idea what happened to cause the kidney failure. I beat myself silly trying to think of something I did wrong or could have done differently. The answer is not there. I have to accept that I loved him and did all I could for him. That is what you need to do too. Please know my heart hurts with you. Some days are good and some will be bad days. Just cry all you need to. It helps.
Another thing I did is write a story about my life with Max from day one. That might help you too. I never wanted to forget all the little adventurous things he did. And with time you do forget, that is another reason why I wrote the story.
Please take comfort in all the precious memories you have of him. Bones was an absolutely gorgeous cat.
PM me if you want to talk.
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I am so sorry to hear about Bones.
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Good-bye, Bones. I am glad you have 10 happy years with a loving family, after such a sad beginning as a dumpster cat! You certainly were beautiful. Peace as you run over the Rainbow Bridge, never to be hungry again!
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I am so very sorry for your loss...what a wonderfully handsome fellow Bones was. I think you both fought the good fight the best you could, and he knew what was most important, how much he was cared for, and how much he was loved.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
RIP sweet Bones.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy! Rest in peace, sweetheart.
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I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. He looked a beautiful cat
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Thank you everyone. Euthanizing two cats within a span of 6 weeks is almost too much too bear. Why is it I feel o.k. and relieved the first day I end my pet's misery but the next day and days after I am filled with such sorrow and regret? I keep hoping that the pain will dull very soon. Thank you all for the support.
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Hang on. Brenda. There are some things that only time can help and this is one of them. I am so sorry you had to lose two cats so close together. I can only imagine how your heart is hurting. I lost my soulmate, Max, in July and I hurt so bad. I can't imagine that multiplied by two. But in time, things will be better. Don't regret the decisions you made for the two animals you loved so much. I am sure you did what was best for the cats at the time. Sometimes I think about how much it hurts having lost my Max and then thinking about these other two cats I have and how I know they will not live forever either. One is six years old and one is nine. I just pray for good health for them for a long time, and dread what is to come when I think about the inevitable. But for all the pleasure the animals give us, I believe the good times and happiness they bring to us, the pain is worth it all. God bless you as you hurt and bring you peace in your heart. Happy memories of your beloved ones. Know that they rest in peace.
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