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Need Advice

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My cat has URI, he has been on medication since Tuesday but nothing seems to have changed. He is still eating very little no matter what I have tried to feed him. The vet sold me enough medication for 10 days. Is it still to soon to tell if the medication is working? Also, can he still be to contagious, I have tried to keep my cats seperated and so far my kitten has not showed any sighns of being sick.
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I would call the vet and ask, as they will have the best idea of how severe they felt this is, along with if it's contagious. I would keep them seperated for sure while you are seeing symptoms.

Re the eating...its possible your kitty's sense of smell is off due to this uri. Try gently heating the food, try really strong, fishy cat food, try human baby food meat (just check label to be sure there is no onion in it)...gerber second stages is one brand. An easy way to boost your kitty a bit is to get a tube of Nutri-Cal - a high calorie paste that you can gently put on their lips to get them to lick it off, or see if they will lick it off your finger.

Try warm, plain chicken broth (just boil up a chicken thigh or wings with skin on, strain and serve the slightly warm broth)....if your kitty is drinking well, try taking a pate/ground food, mixing it with warm water, blenderizing it, and see if they will lap that up.

I wish your kitty all the best - do call, your vet may want to see your kitty again.
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URI's are more often viral based than bacterial based. Antibiotics will treat bacterial infections and the reason why vets give it to them is that often viral infections will turn into bacterial infections. It's preventative medicine.

His nose is stuffed and he can't smell the food so he is not tempted to eat. That is definitely a symptom that shows he's not over it yet. If he likes canned food, try a really stinky fish flavored one - that sometimes gets thru when others don't.

Think about when you get a cold - it will run its course in due time and sometimes that takes a few days and sometimes it takes a few weeks. I wouldn't expose a kitten to him until you see the signs clearly gone.

Poor baby!
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