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We need some prayers, or.... something...

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So, it was.. 5:30am.. and Apollo starts freaking out, barking, growling, the works. I yell at him to shut up and try to go back to sleep, since I had just fallen asleep, not even an hour before. Then about ten minutes after that.. I hear my mum calling me.. extremely distressed. I thought Apollo had attacked one of the cats.. but when I ran to her room, no glasses on, (I can't see anything past 3 feet of my face, and it was dark.. not a nice combination) and she was on the.. i don't know what its called.. like a oxygen tank, but it doesn't give oxygen. She told me to call 911, so that I did. I ran up to my grandmas apartment and she already knew, she must have heard my mum yelling. I locked up the dog and cats, opened up all the doors and waited outside. and God, people are nosey. They came and went downstairs, I followed. Then a Fire truck came.. I guess to help with transport. So shes at the hospital now.. my grandparents followed the ambulence so they are going to call me if anything happens..

Waiting for a call anytime to see how shes doing.
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Sending you some hugs and good thoughts. Hope you here soon that she'll be OK.
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Sending prayers your way! Please let us know !
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My grandma just got back.. the hospital is going to be admitting her I guess.. My mum was more worried about my youngest sister, who is aslo asthmatic.. becaue they share a inhaler, and with my mum gone, my sister doesn't have one.. but we got one for her now..
I hope this wasn't brought on by the cats.. I can't get rid of them.. >__>
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and prayers..
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Many prayers and hugs for you!
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Sending get well vibes to your mom! {{{{ }}}}
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Many hugs going to you and your family!
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My thoughts and prayers go to your mother right now. I hope her hospital stay is short and does the trick. Please keep us updated.
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How scary! Sending lots of get-well-soon vibes to your mom!
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Sending lots of get well vibes to your mom.
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Thanks everyone

My grandma came back from her visit with my mum, they admitted her to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and won't be coming home for a minimum of three days.. but the doctors are sure that it will be longer than 3 days.

They also said that the attack was stress induced. From my sister most likely. My sister ran away a few weeks ago and told all her firend s and the police that my mum was abusing her.. which is so far from the truth. So the police of course had to call childrens services, and they were supposed to come and tlak to my sisters on Thursday, but the lady resceduled.. so she won't be coming till the 26th. But that same day I heard a knock on the door, answered it and it was a cop, my sister had skipped school alday because she had supposedly been threatened by some rival HS students.. I don't believe a word of it.. anyway... thats how it was caused most likely.
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sending hugs and prayers your way
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Thank goodness Apollo was there to sound the alert that your mum was in trouble.

I'm sending up prayers for your whole family. Stay strong.
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Prayers to you and your mother.
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop
Thank goodness Apollo was there to sound the alert that your mum was in trouble.
-nods- I am sure he sensed it.. and was waking me up for that reason exactly.. he doesnn't bark for no reason, only if theres someone at the door or outside the window. And the hall doors were all locked, so no one would ahve been able to even get to the door.
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I'm sending good vibes your mother's way. My mom is a severe asthma sufferer, too, so I know how frightening attacks can be. Hang in there!
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Wow, that is very frightening! Good job, Apollo, to alert the family that Mum was needing help!

I will say a prayer for your Mom's health. Asthma is a very serious illness! And also for your sister. And for your peace of mind.
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We all went to see her.. I think it did more harm than good.. to all of us.. We ahd to go in, two at a time, so me and my youngest sister went in first. When she saw us.. she just started to cry.. the alarms on her machine thingy that she was hooked up to started to flip out.. I was choking back tears, trying to be strong for my sister.. the nurse came in and told her she had to calm down or we would ahve to leave. She tried her best.. after my youngest sister left, my other sister came in, shes younger than me too.. and we sat there and talked till she started crying again. my sister looked okay.. but I couldn't hold it in anymore and burst.. she got upset then. and her machine went off, and we had to leave then..
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I'm so sorry. {{{HUGS}}} sending lots of get well vibes for your mom and lots of it'll be ok vibes for you and your family!!!
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Oh, sweety, I am very sorry that your mom is in the hospital and all the stress that has been going on. Sending lots of love and prayers you way. I hope that everything is alright.

I know how scary it is, my husband and daughter are asthmatics. I get so scared when they have an asthma attack.

Everything will be alright. My family will be praying for you and your family that they will be alright and eeverything will work out for the better.
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I am sending prayers and good vibes to you and your mother......

I hope all goes well for her
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Thanks everyone again..

They arenn't even sure what it is now.. they have taken some xrays.. but nothing showing.. so thank god it isn't a tumor. She needs to stop smoking for one thing.. that would help.

again, thank you everyone for your love and support.. this community wouldn't be so great, if it wasn't for you people
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Went up and visited her again today.. they had moved her into a private room, with her own bathroom and shower type thingy. Shes doing much better.. still on breathing maching thing but no more IVs. She says she will probably be home by tuesday.. but she said the one doctor isn't as nice as the others, and won't let her go for a little walk around.. so he might want to keep her longer.. but overall, shes doing much better today. =)

thank you everyone again
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Good news of her progress! You must feel much better.
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Good luck to your family! It sounds like a real trying period.
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and prayers.. The dog was telling you something!!! Great dog!!
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I do feel alot better.. =)

He is such a great dog, I don't know what I would do without him or my kitters
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Oh, heres a picture of the hero =)

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Oh look at that face!
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