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Does your kitty move while dreaming?

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This may sound silly...but last night Miss Kitty took her spot on the couch next to me and went about her normal routine of falling fast asleep as soon as she does. A few minutes later, I saw her shake...then twist her head, and then relax again. I pet her, which woke her up a bit, and after she gave me that "life is so hard..." look she went off to sleep again. Sure enough, about a half hour later she does it again.

So, was she dreaming? Chasing after imaginary mice? It was really cute...I was just wondering if anyone else has kitties who are active when they sleep.

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Absoltuely! Sierra has always changed her facial expression, moved her little paws, and twitched her ears and tail while dreaming. Serenity is even more animated when she dreams! She moves all over her body, including her paws, her face, ears and tail, and she still even moves her mouth as if she's nursing! Most unique of all, Serenity talks in her sleep as well!
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Isn't it the neatest thing to watch? Aristotle was the first cat I ever witnessed meowing while sleeping.
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Yep...Dexter looks like he is running a race his paws are going so fast sometimes.
I would love to know what our cat's dreams are about.
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Purdy is the only one of my three that I can tell when he is dreaming. He does move around a lot and sometimes moans in his sleep. A few times he has seemed to be in so much distress that I awakened him to save him from his nightmares. The interesting thing is that he is the most laid-back of my three. I would have expected that Red Cat, who is afraid of everything in his waking hours, would be the most likely to have nightmares.
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awww! sounds so cute!!! I wish Juicy talked in his sleep, that would be sooo adorable!!!

I love your signature, by the way, MissKittysDaddy
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Fred would thrash around as if he was running. We called it "chasing moon rabbits."
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Rosie and Sophie twitch when they dream as well, and i made the mistake one time of waking Rosie up because she went all limp after twitching but she was obviously in such a deep sleep but she scared me, and when i woke her up i scared her and she hissed at me when she jumped up So now i just let them dream away
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I love..."chasing moon rabbits."
Originally Posted by krazy kat2
Fred would thrash around as if he was running. We called it "chasing moon rabbits."
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Sophie makes little suckling sounds in her sleep while her feet move. I think it's adorable!
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Much like myself, my little Sage talks some in her sleep. Wonder what she's saying...
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Chaynal twitches along his whole body, especially his paws, and makes cute little sleepy grunts when he dreams! He also moves his mouth fast, like he's nibbling something. I love it when he dreams!
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Mine don't!
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Buffy twitches in her dreams, but Willow doesn't, or if she does, it's once in a blue moon (meaning, maybe 3 times in her whole life)
post #15 of 22 bet they do.

Our new kitten doesn't do anything strange just yet, but then, I haven't seen her sleep a very long duration.

Our late Madge, and her sister Mitty (still with us at 15), were/are both very active dreamers. Chirping, hissing, meowing, cooing and all sorts of physical movement are normal, from what I've seen. Mitty recently made such a loud noise she woke herself up, only to look at me as if to say "what are you looking at?" then just nodded off again.

I've seen them staring at me too, when I wake up. I wonder what goes through their mind when they see people move and make sounds in their sleep.
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Kitty doesnt do it often, but i have seen her claw at the bed while shes sleeping. or swat at something
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My ex-boyfriend has a Bombay that not only moves, but cries in her sleep too.
I'm certain she has nightmares, because she'll often wake with a start and cry a few times before she's fully awake.
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my cats do it sometimes.
Its cute
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Reilly twitches in his sleep somtimes and every once in a while he will natter too. I think he's dreaming about birds
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i've seen Pixel do this, & i also saw Mouse do it. the other two don't usually sleep close enough to where i am for me to notice... anyway, our dogs used to do it, too - i'm convinced they're dreaming!
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I love watching my kitties dream. Lucky does it the most, she'll get really into a dream and you can see her breathing faster, she'll start to chatter like she does when she sees birds outside and all four paws will start twitching. I hope in her dreams she's a good hunting cat, because she has no killer instinct when she's awake!

I haven't seen much from my little rambo, but some times i think he has nightmares cause he'll wake up with a soft, very distressed sounding cry and immediately have to come over for some cuddles.

I wonder what cats have nightmares about??
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My Josie doesn't exhibit any signs of dreaming, but sometimes she snores.
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