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Ear mites again! Help!

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Emma has ear mites again. Well, I guess they never really went away but got better.

I've tried Mitaclear....too thick to get into her ear good. It's quite a battle. Her claws win.

Got some shot that treats all parasites about 2 months ago.

Friend gave me a dose of Advantage and receptionist argued with me that Advantage was for fleas only. Well, the Advantage worked the best!! But since someone gave it to me, I don't have any more and her symptoms are bad again. I called vet and they are returning my call with options. Just wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations?? Thanks!
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Well, the best I can suggest is asking the vet about revolution. It works for a solid 30 days and so it kills them all for good. It's also easy since you don't ever touch thier ears. Mind you, you will still need to clean them when you see dirt. If it pops up again after that, then it's got to be something else. I don't remember if you have any other kitties. If you do, you need to treat everyone in the house.
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Everyone so far (friends and family) have suggested Revolution. I swear they offered it to me before but I didn't take it because I wanted to try the Mitaclear. I called the vet this morning and the woman who is an vet tech said, "we don't give Revolution to cats." I told her it was offered to me before for Emma and that other people suggested it to me. She said to call back at 10:00 when someone else was there. Whatever. They are not being helpful!
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And am taking her in tomorrow evening for another shot. Will ask about Revolution then, I guess! Do these shots work?
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just put alittle cooking oil in the cats ears, I dont remember where I heard it but I tried it and it worked
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Never heard of the cooking oil idea! Does that really work??
When Sunshine had them they gave her some sort of topical solution that they put in her ears at the vets office. Then I had to bring her in again the following week for a second dose. It seemed to have worked, we haven't had any problems since.

By the way, you can buy Revolution online at one of the pet websites. I don't remember which one, but I know I saw it when I was going to get it for Sunshine. Do a google search, you'll probably be able to find it.
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It sounds like you need another vet
Pfizer makes revolution just for cats. My take on Ivermectin(the injection) is that I don't like using it. It's first intention was for horses and then later (not on the label) approved for use in companion animals. First you have to take them to the vet (which they don't like in the first place) and pay an office visit every time and then they get stuck with a needle. I have used mita clear and it works good. I have settled on Revolution because I don't like stressing cats out putting crap in thier ears.
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liquid - squirt it down their throat and Droncet tabs. What are the signs of ear mites?

I need to clean my catz ears I think.
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If they are making you come in for something that has already been diagnosed, for another visit$ and another shot$ (which I've never heard of - we just use drops for ear mits), and they aren't being helpful on the phone, they need to see him$ then, maybe call another vet and see what they say.....

My vet will always assist me over the phone if they can, and if necessary, I bring the cat in, but they never insist I come in. But then again, I've had them for 20 years, so.....
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The first sign of ear mites is brown discharge in the ears. You also will notice scratching the ears and possibly shaking thier head. Ear mites are common with outdoor cats, shelter cats, and cat who are kept in a poor enviroment such as overcrowded house. They are most common in kittens and can easily be spread. This is why if you have a cat with mites, the rest should be treated as well or you may just end up letting them pass it back and fourth. If the cat is an only cat and has had one to two treatments and they still seem to have them, they need to get to the vet for an ear cytology. You want to confirm that it is actually mites. Cat, although not as common as dogs, can also get ear infections. Ear infections are usually due to a severe mite infection, allergies or an excess amount of water got into the ear. Cats who are indoors only very rarely need thier ears cleaned.
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but Jakes ears are dirty - kinda waxy stuff. he does scratch, but so did Romeo and Jinx does too (from day one and his ears are clean as a whistle). So I'm gonna try cleaning them tonite and see what happens. I don't think he has them - wouldn't he be going insane scratching?

Whadda ya think?
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Unfortunately I have to take her back, which means $$ but they seemed concerned that I've been treating her for months with no luck so maybe they want to check her out again. But if it's just for the shot, I'm going to tell them how I feel about having to come back in and ask about Revolution because I don't want to have to keep coming in every month and pay an office visit.

Emma is an SPCA baby and was surrounded by cats for awhile. Before getting picked up by the SPCA, she was a stray so her environment wasn't too clean. She had horrible mites when I got her and I treated her immediately. There are no other cats around but can't seem to get rid of them. They make her miserable. But she's thankful to have lotsa food and be warm now!
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I spoke w/my vet and she said 'EAR MITES'. Thanks Sandy!

They are giving me Revolution AND the Drops - I'm going to get them now - will be back in about 45 minutes - will let you know
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Wish my vet would do that for me!!!!!!
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Both the Drops and the Flea Stuff - the drops you have to keep refrigerated. Must feel great, putting nice cold drops in Jakes ears! This should be interesting, I'm sure Jake will insist that it's Jinx's fault and proceed to pound him.
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Let us know how he responds to being given the drops, ok? Arizona's had trouble with her ears since I got her from a shelter--and trying to clean them out or give her drops is an EPIC battle. You'd think I was trying to poison her or something...
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and he cleaned her ears good, checked under a microscope and said to me, "it's not mites." So, he cleans them some more and gets a lot of goo out and thinks she has some kinda allergy and just to wait it out. He gave me Tresaderm drops which stung her ears and she meowed lots when he put them in. $47.00 later....
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If it is an allergy the only thing that's going to clear it up for good is to remove the allergy. Medication will clear it up but then it will keep coming back as long as she has the allergy.
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Just as an fyi to those who are battling ear mites:

Our whole gang had gotten them when we rescued a stray mama cat. We got the stuff from the vet's and put it in and cleaned their ears every night for a couple of months, but to no avail. I called the vet again and was told that Frontline is used off-label to treat mites. My (wonderful) vet gave me a little sample bottle for free to try. We put a few drops in everyone's ears and the nasty ole' mites were history. I know a person who does a lot of volunteer work for the local animla shelter and she told me that this is what they use to treat mites at the shelter.

Hope that this can help someone.
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Tressaderm - worked right away - OH :censor::censor::censor::censor: I forgot to put them in last nite! Anyway - I put them in and he's not itching as much, seem to be working!
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We got the Tresaderm, too--she improved, but now (3 mos later) her ears are itchy and dirty suggested I re-dose her if problems come up again, so I'll probably try again starting tonight. It seems odd--she hasn't been around any other animals, so I don't see where this could come from! (sigh)
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and I've only used it for 3 nights! Woo-hoo. Too bad it cost $20!!
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