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Having one of those nights

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My boyfriend and I had a talk just a couple of days ago about trying to spend more quality time together and what I feel that means to me...etc etc..

Well I had to work today and he didn't so he went out golfing with one of his buddies. No prob I figure..we'll see eachother at dinnertime. I get home and his friend is here..and I say "so what are we doing tonight" and he says "My buddy and I are going fishing". I was annoyed at that point...but I thought well we'll still have dinner together. So I ended up cooking while they ate it all and left me with the dishes to clean up. But I thought..I don't want to be steamed, and let this ruin my night so I rented a movie and thought..well when he comes home we'll hang out....WRONG..

They came back and cooked up fish in my kitchen..made a mess and kept bugging me to eat some (they know I'm working towards becoming a vegetarian)..then he tells me he's going to a bonfiire and that I can go and that can be our quality time. No!! that doens't count..I see quality time is us alone..talking or just doing something we mutally enjoy.

When he left I was visibly PO'd at him and he was putting the guilt trip on me "don't be that way"...blah blah blah. I think I have every right to be annoyed..but then again I'm irriated right now and I might need a reality check

Just needed to vent that out to my girlfriends!!, I wanted to call my mom but it's after midnight her time
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I know what you mean! Big hugs girl, he should have told you this and then you could have planned a girls night!
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Wow. This sounds almost exactly like something that happened to one of my friends--right down to the cooking fish in her kitchen, and trying to become a vegetarian. Her name is Tracy too.

I guess I'll tell you the same thing I told her: yes, you have a right to be angry and I think most people would be. She ended up talking to him about it when he got home and he just said whatever it took to appease her and she accepted it. The only difference is that he would go fishing alone--oh, and he was 30 years older than she was.

I hope you two can work this out. Unfortunately for my friend and her ex-husband, they were just too different.
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you got every right to be upset. I get that way with steve on occassion too. he doesnt go out with friends but he spends way to much time at work..and i feel neglected sometimes..sniff
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I think you've got a right to be upset. Luckily my bf doesn't have many friends. But work (where he actually usually sees his friends) steals him from me sometimes.

"Just 20 minutes... " "Well... another 20 minutes..." "I guess, like... another 20 minutes?"

You have my sympathy.
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You organise a girly night out next week with your friends but don't tell him until your getting dressed up
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