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Where's the worst place your cat hacked up a hairball?

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(Not sure where to put this thread, so if this isn't the right place could one of the mods move it where it belongs?)

Ok, where's the worst place your cat has hacked up a hairball??

One time when I went to bed I laid the side of my face right down onto a hairball that was on my pillow!

That's the worst one for me...I'd much rather step on them then have one in my face!!!
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On the dining room chair. I sat right in it! I always look before I sit now!
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We have a bookcase headboard and the cats sleep on top. One night just as we were dozing off to sleep, we heard "the sound". Luckily Earl has good reflexes and sat straight up, because Trent hacked on from on top of the headboard that landed right were Earl's head was on the pillow.
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My bed. nacho ahd been sitting on the dogs crate that is at the foot of my bed, and had some major projectile puke happening and it shot prety far.. thank god I wasn't lying down.
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Ok, suddenly I'm not feeling so bad about the multiple little stain areas on my carpet......
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No hairballs here!
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Originally Posted by Luvmysphynx
No hairballs here!
lol No fair! So far I've only had one hairball happen at my place, and I'd never seen one before so I didn't know what it was!! All I knew is that it was green and slimy and icky..
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My cats hardly ever hack up furballs and when they do it's just on the ground
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my slipper! EWWWWWW
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It wasn't actually a hairball it was worse...a couple of weeks ago Reilly threw up all over my bed. I've never seen him throw up so much, it soaked down into the mattress, I had to scrub for hours!...ewwww
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my lap
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All over the insides of my ex-boyfriend's computer.
I kept telling him to put the case on the thing, he was a cat noob.
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Originally Posted by Luvmysphynx
No hairballs here!
Of course you don't have hairball problems; your kitties are bald!! hehee

Eh, my furry kitties don't hack up hairballs, either...for which I am thankful!!
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Oh my, this is too funny. I've never had such exciting hairball action. But stepping in it first thing in the morning is kind of gross. At least the kids understand now it's just cat food & hair - not stuff from the "other end".
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I'm lucky, we don't get hairballs! *touches wood*

But, when we first moved to the house and things were all over the place, I later found that Tibby had been sick right on top and down the back of the PC! I was having to use paintbrushes to get the dried yuck out of the fan vents! Just glad it wasn't my mac!
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Rocky has problem with sneezing out his boogers. I'm so used to it it doesn't bother me, but he always seems to it when we have guests. It hit my friend Lisa's sweatshirt once, and another time when my friend Mo stayed over he sneezed on the bed she was sleeping in. How charming!!! Last week he sneezed on me while I was sleeping, and I didn't realize it until I touched my hair MUCH later on in the day!!! Good for him that he is a charmer though!!
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The worst place: on my chest. I was laying on the sofa with Stumpy snuggled on top and he started to do the hack/cough - I just let him get it out. 3 other cats ran over to see what was happening so it was a while before I could disengage and clean it off.

You know you love them when you see them about to hack on top of you and you don't interrupt them to let it happen.
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so far on the carpet.. and on the kitchen floor.

Which i am thankful for after reading everyone elses
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Pearl hacked one all over my XM radio boom box, down the side of the tablecloth, down the wall to the floor.
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not a hair ball but if peaches starts getting out, she starts marking She will mark anything that is flat on the floor and soft, ie purses, backpacks, shoes, socks you name it
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The worst place? That would be that spot of carpet where I step right after swinging my legs out of bed in the morning.

That was my kiddo brother's cat, Loki. My kittens haven't had hairballs, because I brush them. I don't really handle bodily functions well, and I'd really hate for them to end up like the cat I had when I was a kid, who hacked up hairballs every. single. day. And she preferred soft surfaces to hard ones. If she was standing on the tile or wood, she'd walk over to a rug when she started hacking. Adorable.
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The worst place any of mine have done so far is in front of the toilet in the middle of the night.
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I am lucky!!! They never do it in a "bad" spot!!!
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