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What are your favourite potato chips

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Well I know an odd question but I am asking because I am eating salt and vinegar pringles and boy they are strong - I just love 'em...they are making the inside of my mouth sore they are sooo strong
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I'm a fan of Ketchup Chips myself...I hear they're only made here in Canada?? They're awesome
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I'm not much of a potato chips fan, unless they're flavored or I have dip with them. Give me ice cream any day. I've tried those vinegar chips and didn't like them - they were too strong.
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Tims Cascade makes a chip called Parmesan Garlic that is sooooo good! The have pleanty of flavor, but aren't too strong, and they're thick and crunchy...mmmmm mmmmmm.

Heck, I have to go to the store now anyway...may as well get a salt fix!
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Salt & Vinegar are my absolute favorite. I can make myself sick eating them!
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I like to eat Flaming Hot Cheetos or Olays with lemon.
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Love those Ketchup chips!!!!! We can buy them in Vermont - made by a company named Kerr, I think! Soooooo good with burgers.

Lays makes a good S&V chip. Some are good, but just so strong!:eye&mouth
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I love flamin' hot cheetos! Those used to be my absolute favorite when I was little. I swear that I would eat at least one bag everyday. Now though, I would have to say that my favorite chips are either flamin hot cheetos or butter or cheese popcorn. (but only made by cheetos) Yum yummmm!
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I can't stop thinking about salt & vinegar potato chips now! Oh I want some!!!!
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Gotta go with Salt & Vineger...

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Ken - and all....going to the store now - can no longer resist.........
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I can't possibly be the ONLY person who is a Dorito freak!! I really do miss the taco flavor
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Sandie- Doritos are awesome! Thats my 'Survivor Night' snack (or was until I started going to the gym ) Doritos and Pepsi
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I like Doritos. My favorites are Ranch, sour cream and onion, jalapeno flavored, and flaming hot! I also like Pringles. Barbeque and regular flavors.
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Salt and Vinegar are good, Ketchup are good, and I once had some pickle ones that were nice with my ham & cheese. I only get them at Schlotzky's tho', on those infrequent occassions when I really want a deli sandwich. And it's all about the salt!
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LOL When I was "HUGE" I could sit down and eat a whole bag while watching tv (oink oink). Of course my # addiction is Pepsi (none of that "other" soda stuuf). Now I drink Pepsi One so my teeth don't fall out from the sugar
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Anyone a Dr.Pepper freak? I LOVE Dr. Pepper. I have to have it with my hamburgers, pizzas, etc. Actually with pizza I will drink rootbeer too. But Dr. Pepper is my drink!
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Sunlion- Do you mean Dill Pickle chips?? Those are my daughters favorites...but get this- she takes the pickles off her hamburgers at McDonalds when we go. :laughing2 Kids

Sandie- I used to be a Coke fan, I even have Coca Cola floor mats in my car :tounge2: , but if I drink soda at all now, its gotta be Pepsi. Although, I do admit that diet Coke is better than diet Pepsi
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Log one vote for the old standby: sour cream and onion.

As to soda, I almost never drink it. The only Coke passing through this system has to be flavored with Captain Morgan.

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I mean potato chips with pickle flavor, not those sliced dill pickles they put on sandwiches. I bet they came from Schlotzky's but I wouldn't bet on them having them all the time, they seem to rotate flavors.

But I love pickles, too. Kosher dill, bread & butter, gherkins, those lovely German mustard pickles, just about all of them. My grandad used to make pickles so I learned to appreciate them from him.
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How about that new Pepsi Twist??.I kinda like that one.
Dill potato chips - just downed a bag of them last week.
Small world, isn't it?
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here's an odd one. I can drink fountain Pepsi at a restaurant,but from a can or bottle it gives me terrible heartburn.
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I guess I am the only Dr. Pepper fan in town. I did tried lemon flavored pepsi and it was alright. They better not put lemon flavor into Dr. Pepper, though!
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Yeah thats what I meant...they're called Dill Pickle chips here Its just another of our many flavors of potato chip here. We have the weirdest kinds such as Roast Chicken, Fries and Gravy and Sour Cream and Bacon. All Dressed chips have a mixture of Ketchup, Salt and Vinegar, Barbeque and Sour Cream and Onion flavors...I don't like those ones
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I don't drink soda much anymore. I maybe have it once a month, but my absolute favorite is coke. Sometimes I crave them. I swear there is something addictive in them!

I like pringles and bugles. The only way I like regular chips is with sour cream and onion dip.
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Any one like fried or baked pork rinds? In Mexico they are called chicharrones. But lemon and hot sauce and they are the best!
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You know, I am not a fan of ANY diet drink. I will drink it when I HAVE to. I switched when I went on a diet and the dentist told me my teeth were going to fall out.I think the only diet drink that really doesnt taste like nutra sweet is the diet cherry 7-up. Anything but Pepsi makes me burp like crazy!!
Those canadian chips are freaky!! I enjoy all sorts of flavors, but some of those sound a little off the wall. Hell, the first time I have EVER heard of putting gravy on fries is when I landed here in CT.
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Well. A great big THANK YOU to Amanda for starting this whole discussion off talking about salt and vinegar chips ~ I read this thread right before I left work and I just HAD to pick some up on my way home!

Nena ~ My b/f LOVES Dr. Pepper, but now that he's on a diet he's been drinking Diet 7-Up. I don't drink soft drinks very often, when I do it's usually A&W Root Beer. I'll stick with plain old water or Cranberry juice.
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I like Dr.Pepper! I love to go to Sonic & get a Vanilla Dr.Pepper. In fact, I'm having one right now! I also love Mr.Pibb, but they don't sell it in the cans -- you can only get it fast food restaurants or regular sitdown restaurants.

I like sour cream potato chips, regular cheese doritos, & plain potato chips.
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