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Friday evening

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What's everyone doing? I'm sitting here with Tigs on my lap, watching tv, heating a pizza in the oven, waiting for my DH to get home........
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Awesome, Susie!

It is Saturday afternoon here, and it's beautiful and sunny but I just moved into from my bedroom into the lounge so I could sit in a nice sunny spot. I'm eating some Weetbix with milk and sugar, yummy!
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Not much, as usual! Just sitting at the computer, checking out TCS and the weather forcasts for the next day or so, and chatting with a friend. My typical Friday night (minus the weather forcasts LOL)
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Went to dinner after work with my 3 friends to plan our golf weekend next weekend and what we are each bringing, came home and here I am.

My husband has a band gig tonight and tomorrow night, so it's quiet around here.

I have a heavy heart though - on my way home from dinner I ran over a raccoon. It has been raining here all day and the roads were wet and the road was dark and I couldn't avoid the poor thing. It was horrible to hear that sound. I prayed that he/she died quickly. There was a car very close behind me and he/she also hit it.
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I am sitting here, talking to friends on msn, reading threads, and eating a Reeses Peanut Buttter cup, the one with more peanut butter!
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It's Fwiday and was a busy one at that. This morning I sifted through condo plans and called my agent. I met Loveysmummy today. She works only two blocks away at the end of my street, which is a trip. Then I had a long and extremely important meeting with a fellow game designer who's a better project manager than me. I'm really tired, but a friend is coming by later tonight with an Xbox game he wants to kick my butt in. Chasey is sleeping right now. Tomorrow I have batting practice, (because I can never get enough) and then a full blown year end softball social. I hope to leave the social with a girl under each arm. (just kidding ) I wish I was having a pizza right now Susie!
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I discovered fleas on Buddy and had to run out to Petco for shampoo and to Ace Hardware for bug bombs. Tomorrow morning, Buddy will get a bath, all three cats will be confined and I will be leaving the house for several hours.

On a good note: its payday and my new boots were delivered today!
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Sat and watched House again with my husband who fell asleep when it was on. Luckily I thought to tape it for him. Watched my new kitten tear around the house trying to get the other to play with him and running up and down the big cat tree when they wouldn't. Best entertainment around watching that goofy cat.
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My boyfriend went I had the place to myself so I rented a movie ( was pretty good), and ate potato chips and M&M's
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I went to PetSmart with the boys, dropped into Old Navy, and took them to TGIFriday's for supper. Now I'm off to bed!
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I drove 2 hrs home to be with my family for the long weekend (home til Monday!! ) And then I went and spent the evening with my Grandma cuz my Grandpa and parents were at my brothers football game. Nothing beats going to Grandma's house
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Well I wish I was staying home tonight! I have been tortured into going to a formal dinner. I hate dressing all formal - I am a down to earth person who has hippyish tendencies at heart. I have to keep repeating to myself 'its only one night!'

Last night (friday) I took my son to his school disco - fun for him, not fun for me LOL, but he was so adorable and i think he was tired of me running after him with the camera. Gotta capture those moments when he is still innocent!

But I gotta tell you, he melted my heart big time at the disco - he came running up to me and asked which one of his coins was the dollar coin and I showed him and he ran and bought a glow stick for his friend who didn't have one. I am SO proud of him and his big heartedness.
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Kellye, he sounds like an adorable little boy. Have you posted any pics of him? If you have, I have missed them I would love to see him.
I went to the tattoo shop to see my sweetie tonight, and since they packed and everyone was busy, I did the evening dinner run for them. I got dressed to go out, but changed my mind, came home, and am hanging out here with the cats. They are better company than most people anyway.
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Rebecca - I didn't realise I had not posted any pics of Gabe here - here he is in his UNC blanket that we just had to get when we saw it at Walmart - Jake is a die hard Tarheels fan (boy, I feel sorry for him when the new season comes! )

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Gabe is adorable!
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He is very very cute!!
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Actually I am doing nothing. Cats are sleeping, I hear some music I like, go in front of the house and smoke a cigarette, waiting for some e-mails.

And, here in Germany, tomorrow we have election and I did not decide yet, whom I will give my voice.
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Friday evening was, simply put, a "bust". I decided to do a virus/ad ware/spy ware scan of my computer at around 4:00 p.m., thinking it would take about three or four hours. I didn't take into consideration that my daily updates are up to 1 MB in size now, and the scan was still going at 1:00 a.m. Saturday! Jamie, bless his little feline heart, didn't wake me up for breakfast until after 7:00 a.m. this (Saturday) morning. I basically staggered through "Suzy Homemaker" tasks all day - juicing tomatoes from the garden, making a big pot of stuffed peppers (I don't have to worry about Sunday dinner this week!), cleaning, and doing laundry.
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Kellye Gabe is a cute boy! .......
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AWWW, Kellye, he is every bit as adorable as I thought he would be. What a beautiful smile!
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Ugh, Friday night was a dismal failure this week. I wanted to spend some time having a quiet night with Ian, but instead, he invited friends over and insisted we go to a party. The party...was downstairs. So by 2:30AM, the party was still going on so loudly the floor was shaking and I was literally in tears because I was so exhausted but couldn't sleep. Today, I feel tired and sick....but it was a good day because my family took Ian and I to see Ana Gasteyer star in Wicked! It was SO GOOD!

P.S. Does anyone think that it's rude for people to host house parties in apartment buildings with music so loud that the floor is still vibrating at 2AM? Or am I alone in thinking that throwing big, drunken house parties that are so loud and go so late is increidbly inconsiderate and rude, especially when you live in a 3-flat?
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