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Guess Who's Getting Married? (Warning - lots of pics and long post)

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First, thanks to everyone who sent good vibes my way! (see here for my first thread)
Rob and I are officially engaged and we will set a date probably a year from now to officially tie the knot. Of course, I was all emotional when I proposed and couldn't keep back the tears. Rob had some difficulty understanding what I was saying because I was blubbering so bad!

Rob was actually surprised, but he had his own surprise because he was going to ask me to marry him on our 'official' anniversary in October (I combined our anniversary with Rob's birthday so I could pop the question when we went to Elora). I guess great minds think alike?

Of course, a thread wouldn't be complete without pictures! Please accept my apologies for their large size since I just came home and am about to go to bed.

Here is the entrance to the mill:

When we arrived, there were two surprises waiting for us. Rob received some delicious baked goods for his birthday celebration and both of us received a card and some chocolate truffles for our anniversary celebration. Compliments of the Inn

When we made it to our room, we couldn't get over the view. We were right on the river! Here is a pic of the room, complete with wood beams:

And check out these views! We had two windows that looked over the river:

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Why am I not surprised, Kass? Here's one rational plan, with romantic touches, for a future together. Congrats! I wish you both all the best.
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Here's a pic of the rocking chair and the window. I absolutely love the windows! They reminded me of Europe:

The town is also full of great shopping and restaurants. Here's one of my favourite signs, The Dragonfly Cafe:

And a picture of the calmer side of the Grand River:

I'm exhaused right now, but one final pic......Rob with his ring! I love this picture. He was sleeping and I wanted to take a picture so he covered half his face, but it still turned out well. I added a couple of filters:

Again, thank YOU guys for all your support. As you can imagine, I'm pretty happy right now!

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Congrats congrats congrats!!

I am so happy for you!!....you are an amazing photographer by the way!
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whoa those pics are soo nice!!

can i ask you why the windows remind you of europe?

Oo that ring is soo pretty! and he looks soo sweet!
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Congratulations. Your pictures are beautiful, by the way, and Rob has such beautiful eyes.
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AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!! CONGRATS!! And I absolutely loooove the pics, esp. the 1st one of his ring!! I am so glad things worked out so well for you!!
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Oh Kass, I am soooooooo happy for you! I knew he would never turn you down - you are simply great! I am so excited for you!

Wondering if a honeymoon to NZ is on the cards?
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Wow, Kass! Such wonderful news, and the pics are fab!
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Congratulations Kass!!!
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AWW YAY! Congrats, Kass! How exciting!

I think I still have a little while before my time comes
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Lovely. I am so happy for you. What a beautiful place to celebrate your love together. Wishing you much happiness.

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Wow... What beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them!!!
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Those pictures are so amazing, I wish you both the best!
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CONGRATULATIONS!! This is sooo exciting!! I love the pictures!! Thank you for sharing everything with us! I am so happy for you!!
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Oh wow, Kass, amazing pictures!

Congratulations to you and Rob!

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I'm a little choked up, Kass, by your incredible photos, your great idea, and your words about Rob. I don't think you need a single vibe. You've already got something very special.
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Amen to what Deb said- what a heavenly plan you had- Congrats!
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Congratulations Kass and Rob!!!

I'm getting all teary too. *sniff* I'm so incredibly happy for both of you!! It really is pure magic to know you're with your soulmate...
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Kass, that is AWESOME! Congratulations to you and Rob! What a lovely choice for a ring, and in Elora... how romantic! *sigh* All the best.
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YAY!!!! Congrats and thank you for sharing the photos, too!!!
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The pics just took my breath away! Congrats, and much happiness to both of you.
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Congradulations to the both of you.

The photos are (as usual) beautiful.
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Nice one, Kass! The photos are amazing and your description sounds wonderful!

I LOVE Rob's ring too - excellent choice!

Many Congratulations to you and Rob!
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Congratulations, Kass, to you and Rob! Your photographs are fantastic, as always! What a lovely place to honor such a special day! You must feel on top of the world!
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Wow! All of you have overwhelmed me with your words and well wishes. Thank you so much!!!

I do feel blessed that I have so many friends here and thanks for allowing me to share another milestone in my life.

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I'm sooooo happy for both of you!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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Oh Kass! Congratulations to you and Rob Thanks for letting us know the outcome.

Sorry, I have to do it...SQUEEEEEE!
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Congratulations - how wonderful I wish you both all the best
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