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I swear I named my kitten wrong! I need to name her Diablo or something! I posted a note a minute about about her scratching, she is now going after my daughter and she's pretty much attacking us! Shes not backing down and really getting agressive. Is this normal or is she hopeless?????? I am so at wits end on how to approach this. I've had kittens before and they've been active but they haven't been this mean with people. What should I do?
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She's doing what kittens do i'm afraid, and she's far from hopeless.

Play with her but not with your hands but with toys that dangle from a rod.

And describe how she's aggresive?
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What you see as mean may just be play for your kitten.
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That's true..I had a kitten once that was anything but cuddly. It's important (like was already said) to make sure you aren't letting him play with your hands or feet. Maybe try a cat dancer toy??
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My three kittens always stalk each other, bite each other playfully and pounce on each other. If your baby doesn't have a playmate, you are officially now the playmate. Have you seen those kitty gone crazy machines or the long fingers type glove which you can play with? Thing in a bag was another favorite.

My best suggestion is to get your kitten another brother or sister. My vet suggested I get two, not just one, to avoid loneliness and agression. It seems to have worked, except we ended up with three from the rescue shelter (fell in love with all three) and they are extremely active and into everything. But overall, I love my babies and they will grow out of it (right hissy?)
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