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For those who missed the superbowl commercials

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On the respect commercial take a box of kleenix with you- it is a tear-jerker

Bud commercials
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Great commercials hissy thanks for that
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Thanks Hissy! I missed the Superbowl and while I didn't mind missing the game, I sure did miss seeing the commercials. Doug (my husband) said the Respect commercial actually made him cry. He was just in NY City last week and saw all the devestation, so it was really real to him.
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Hissy, that Clydesdale Respect commercial was wonderful!
We were at my bar for a SuperBowl party, and of course everyone was hooping and hollering...but when that commercial ended, the whole bar went quiet.
There was an audible sigh/gasp/moan...it was really touching.
I haven't looked at the link, but I vividly remember the commercial.
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was the best. Everyone got teary at the bar - big tough guys included!

Hissy - you posted something w/pix of 4 cats in 1 bed. Are they all yours? Are they litter mates, or did you cast some "be nice to each other" spell on them? Come on, Tell ME!:tounge2:
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These are my ferals snuggled down outside in a cat bed...
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Oh, gosh, aren't they lovely! They look completely content but also alert and curious. Very precious!
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Oh my goodness - how did you get them to all hang out????? I'm in the second day of "introductions" w/Jake and Jinx - I guess going okay.... That is just awesome though - what a great pix! :tounge2: They are Hams for the Camera! "Hellooooo! Look how cute we are!"
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It helps that they are all littermates first off, and also once they trust the humans in their lives, it is easy to get them to hang out. They would never do this inside, not in a million years, but out in the new addition which was still open at the time, I set down a few cat beds on the work table, and they just jumped right up and got all comfy. But, as I said, if this had been in our bedroom or somewhere that they knew they were "trapped" it wouldn't of happened.
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Thanks for the link, Hissy...I too missed the commercials on TV.
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