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Anne, How are you??

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I was going to post this in the moderators section...but then I figured there would be alot of people wanting to know....so I hope this is okay. You know we all care about you so much. I wasn't online yesterday, so if I missed something, I am sorry, but last i heard you were going to the doctor, and it has weighed heavily on my mind to see how you are doing after that. I prayed for you, and I hope you are doing okay...I know how sad this has been for you. Just know that we all care, and I hope that helps some.
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Yes, Anne, how are you anyway? I hope the Dr visit wasn't bad. Our purrs are with you! >^..^< MEOWMAN SAYS KITTIES TAKE CARE OF THEIR HUMANS WHEN THEY ARE DOWN OR SICK.
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Hope you are resting easy and will be touch soon. Until then, prayers are flowing in your direction.
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Thank you for your caring thoughts!

I feel much better today, though still sad over the whole thing. I have posted more about it at the daily threads.

Thanks again!
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I am so sorry! Sandie just told me what happened. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Donna and s
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Thanks Donna!
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Anne, you have been in my thoughts and prayers all week, I hope you are okay...I don't really know you personally, but I feel your pain...and I do love you. I wish we could all just sit around in a circle and talk about our cats, and get to know one another better....(I know that sounds dumb) but I feel like I have made so many precious friendss here, I wish I coud meet you all! Sometimes I feel like my "online" family and friends care more about me than my real family and "friends". Though I do have a couple real wonderful friends...outside the internet...i somehow feel I can say what I feel more easily here....does that make sense????
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It sure does Debby!

I also feel like I've got a bunch of new friends and close friends at that. I think that somehow the internet brings people together allowing us to share things more easily. I always laugh when people think that if you sit by the computer for long hours you must be lonely and you forget how to interact with people. I think the interactions here are extremely good!
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I do too!!! And it makes us far from lonely!!! We are reaching out and making new friends!!!
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