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Don't you wish they stayed small(sometimes)?

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Last night when I was playing with Rascal, I noticed that his two lower jaws are getting ready to fall. New ones are already growing. His upper jaws are also getting ready although no teeth have appeared yet. And this morning, I weighed him. He is either 7 or 8 pounds. My baby is growing! I will check for his measurements. I got him in October, a few days before Halloween. That was when he was 6 weeks old. Now I think he is 5 or 6 months old. And that means, its time for him to be neutered! I will take him in as soon as the Olympics are over.
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I know what you mean, My Kittens are 7 months old. Last night I watched them jump on the chair and thought...just a couple months ago they would take a running leap and still barley catch the chair Now they are as tall as the chair and easliy jump up. My husband says they have a cats body and kitten brain:laughing: SO CUTE THEY ARE!

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They are so cute when they're small, but I love their personalities when they're grown. Puffy is 9 months old now and just towers over Muffy, his mom. He's a big boy!
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Boy, I can relate to that. I got my babies when they were 3 months old and now they are 5 months old...they really do grow fast! Is seems that just yesterday they were little scrawny things!
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I guess no Mom likes to see her children grow up and leave the nest. The good thing here is that my baby now 22 months old (got Loki when he was 7 months) - how time
flies - will always stay in the nest.
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I look back at Gizmo & Scooter's baby pictures all the time, and remember how cute they were. Don't get me wrong .... they are cute still, but you know how kittens are when they are just babies! So innocent, but so mischevious! Scooter is 8 1/2 months, and it's like he has the body of an adult, but the attitude of a baby kitten, still. He still makes those "baby" noises that they make as infant kittens. Heck, Gizmo made those noises, but once he reached about 12-16 weeks, he quit that ...... I guess Scooter just wants to be a baby! :tounge2:
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