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Help please has anyone had this

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OK so I kept coming up in these round spots that faded after 2 hours or so,my kids and husband did too,we went away for the week and we did not get one bite

Today we came home and well the house was crawling in fleas and I mean crawling Ive never seen so many in my life,at the same time me and my hubby came out in LOADS of those same spots,they do not look like the usual flea bites though,they do not itch and they fade but I know for a fact we have a big flea problem so why are we having bites that look nothing like flea bites? everyone who comes round gets a few and where my spots are is where I saw the live fleas on my body

I got some flea spray and frontline from the vets,how long does it take to work? I used it two hours ago and just saw a live flea but no where as many,I used antamill 200 or something,cant remember the exact name but it is the best around apparently

So does anyone else have a reaction to fleas like this?

Also if the spray does not work what can I do next? the cats are de fleaed and they are all now dead thankfully
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I would say that if your home is crawling with fleas you might have to call an exterminator.

You'd have to maybe go somewhere for the weekend

I would talk to the doctor about your bites...perhaps you are allergic??
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I went to the Dr who didn't know what flea bites were like but he thinks it to much of a condience to be anything else because when I saw the fleas is when I got the bites and we have all got the excact same ones

I will give it to Monday,I have no where near as many as I did earlier,in fact ive seen 2 since I done it,so ill give it till tomorrow then give it another spray then call the envirmomental health if they are still around

I feel really dirty,I know a lot of pet owners deal with fleas but I never have to this extent

Also if my neighbour has them,which he does extrmely bad can he pass them on to me because my other neighbour w/out pets has them to and she sees him daily,we are having to call the enviromental health on him to as he will not treat them
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8 hours later and ive had a few fleas,nothing to the extent of before but I though the spray would have killed them all by now
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Get a flea collar, cut it up, and put it in your vacuum's bag or canister. Vacuum thoroughly, then throw away the bag (or empty out the canister and clean it).

Only use the flea collar in your vacuum... not on the kitties!!!
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I don't have a vaccum,we have wood floors so I use a brush,maybe I can borrow one of my neighbour

I have no carperts at all,just wood floors-thank you
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Here is a good link, there are some good suggestions in it. I know you feel dirty but really it is nothing to feel dirty about. When you have cats fleas are almost inevitable at some point.
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