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I have been posting @ New Cats Forum and thought I'd expand. I have a red tabby and white DMSH, named Opie. After all, what else do you name a mischievous redhead? We have had him, for about 3 weeks and are, still, getting acquainted. I HAVE found out that he is a jewel thief. Have to keep my jewelry in a catproof container. Otherwise, he is a gentleman cat: always, uses his box, doesn't claw furniture and sleeps all night. Soon, we will be getting him a kitten and, later, a dog. We, finally, bought a house, last month and have lots of room to share with the fuzzy kids (the ONLY kind we'll have, at this stage of life!). Will, eventually, post pix. Have to learn how, first. Hugs and kisses, to all fuzzies.
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Hi there! I have seen you posting in the lounge..it is really great to have you here!!!!!! Welcome!!!!!
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Thanks, for all of the replies. Will keep on visiting.
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I would have replied sooner...but I don't make it out of the cat lounge as much as I should, since there is always so much to keep an eye on there.
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Hi Kitten,

I love the name Opie. I also have a red and white guy.
His name is Buddy and he is truly my buddy. I have 4 red boys and they are the best.

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