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Pine near kitty pooh???

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I just received this info in an eamil and wondered if it would work to help to have some near the kitty litter to keep smells away? (Or does anyone know if the cats would object, or if it would make them sick or not want to use thier litter pan?)

"PINE POWER Instead of spending extra money for expensive room fresheners, remove the top from a bottle of your favorite pine-scented cleaner. Within 10 minutes the offensive odors are gone and the fresh pine scent lasts and lasts. I have been using the same bottle for six months, and the cleaning features are not in any way diminished."
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I'm not an expert, but frankly, I never trust random e-mails I receive, and I'm not comfortable with putting cleansers of any sort near where my cats do anything. I think if you clean the litterbox frequently, there's very little odour to worry about (and I live in a small one-bedroom apartment with two cats and two litterboxes).

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Ditto. I wouldn't leave a bottle of cleaning fluid open anywhere.

I'm too much of a clutz, and my kittens get into everything. I'd rather burn a candle now and then.
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When you consider that cleansers such as Pine Sol, which contain phenols are toxic to cats, I'd def. not try this!

If you want a good,cheap deoderizer, try baking soda on the bottom of a clean litter box, then add your brand of litter, you can also sprinkle over the litter as needed. I have also tried Nature's Miracle Litter Deoderizer powder with surprising results (I didn't expect it to work, but it did).
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Thanks for all your input....I`ve been reading some info that I got from someone on here about cat foods....so am going to switching that this week....so hopefully with a better diet the cat box will be oder free. :-)
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