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How often do you clip nails?

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Just wondering how often you all do this?
I am bad about letting it go for a long while because I hate to do it to them...

Is there any problems with leaving it for months and then doing it? Is it more comfortable in the long run for them to get clipped or is this simply a human need?
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I have to admitt I never do it...I love Reilly but I'm also very afraid of him ...I bought him many many scratching posts that he uses quite often..and he's also very active. I know that when he gets older and starts to slow down that I'm going to have to.
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Most cats will keep their nails manicured just by using a good scratching post, so nail trimming isn't something that's necessary in all cases.

One of my cats has unusually long, sharp, curved claws, and if I don't trim them she gets them caught in things - the carpet, the couch, the screen door, the other cats, my skin... So I have to be sure to keep her claws trimmed.

I keep the other cats' claws trimmed blunt to cut down on accidental damage to my skin, the other cats' skin, and the furniture.

Older, inactive cats often need help keeping their claws in shape - they don't scratch enough to shed their claw sheaths regularly, so their claws will thicken and grow very long - if they're not maintained, they can even grow around and pierce the paw pads.

So if you don't want to trim your cat's claws and they seem to look OK, you certainly don't have to! But it is a good idea just to get your cat used to having her paws handled, in case you have to start trimming her nails when she's older.
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I have had Maya for 6 months and I have done her nails once so far. Actually first took her to a groomer, but wasn't satisfied, they would trim some nails but not the looked really stupid, and plus they seemed a bit annoyed since Maya wasn't exactly friendly about the whole thing, she would scratch, 3 people had to hold her.....

So after that I just did it myself and she let me.(to my surprise!). She does scratch(the sofa) but I think it's too soft to keep her claws trim, especially the ones on her back legs.
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The boys' are done every week or two, for one thing, by keeping them blunted now, they can't pull fabric so can never get the habit of clawing at furniture, draperies or the various "skirts" I've got in a couple of places, but mainly to protect my skin and my Peke's vulnerable eyes although I've never seen anybody swat at her. Narsil is better about it than Mithril (the squirmy one), but I persevere. I also found, quite by accident, that it's easier to do their claws if I hold them in my lap on their backs, you know, like when you cuddle a kitty. I don't know if this makes them feel more secure or more resigned to their fate, but it seems to work anyway !
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Cupid's nails grow like weeds and I need to do them at least once a week, but I generally do them whenever I have a chance. Some of them grow faster than the others so I rarely need to do all of them at once unless I haven't done it for a while.
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Actually, when you let them go without clipping, the quick grows as well, and it makes it harder to clip them when you finally do clip them. I TRY to clip theirs every 1 - 2 weeks, but it doesn't always happen.
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When I look down at my tummy & see a road map of scratch marks from Dexter's kneeding...I clip both of their front claws. Usually about every 3 weeks.
I only get their back claws done by a vet tech & that is rare.
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I do it every 1-2 weeks, they are all fine with getting it done
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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
Actually, when you let them go without clipping, the quick grows as well, and it makes it harder to clip them when you finally do clip them. I TRY to clip theirs every 1 - 2 weeks, but it doesn't always happen.
Aha! I suspected this, but I wasn't sure! I don't clip Cupid's back claws as much because he hates it, and his quick seemed to be getting longer. Now when I clip them, I can barely get any of them off at all because the quick is so long.
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actually, i just clip whenever they start hurting me! if Cable's kneading my arm, & it's really painful, i get the clippers & go to town. Java doesn't get clipped as often because she's not a kneader, so i don't notice it or think about it.
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Sylvester likes to knead me in the neck, armpit, and lips. Obviously I try to redirect her to less sensative areas, but I also trim her nails a lot. Annie has actually sliced Kirby open through sheets by leaping on him in the middle of the night - so she gets her nails trimmed too.
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Both of my babies get trimmed once a week, if they need it. I'll check to see if any have grown long or very sharp, and blunt as necessary. Odin tries to scale my leg and Pansy is such a violent kneader, if I was to let it go, I'd never be able to wear a dress again.
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once a week. i call it Nail Clip Wednesday.
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I do Max's when ever I notice that he's starting to draw blood , which usually is once a month or so.
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I trim Summer's about once a week or so. Some of her nails grow back a lot quicker than others.
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Once a month here!
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