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Urgent - good vibes for Jasmine

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Just had a call from our coordinator about Jasmine, her newly adopted Siamese mix. She found Jasmine sprawled in a litter box this morning, breathing, but unresponsive, and rushed her to our vet. It appears she had a seizure and the vet is currently running tests. Please send good vibes Jasmine's way. Will update when I know more.
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Oh my gosh, that poor little girl! A seizure! Sending many good vibes and prayers her way...hope they find out why.
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How terrible!, please get better soon Jasmine!
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Oh, poor Jasmine-please feel well soon! Hugs to your friend!
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Jasmine, I'm sending you lots and lots of good vibes. Get well soon
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Poor Jasmine! Sending lots of get well vibes her way.
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That would be so frightening! Sending many, many vibes to Jasmine!!!
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Poor baby. Lots and lots of {{be ok}}} vibes coming her way!
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Lots of good health vibes and prayers for Jasmine!
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Sending lots of healing vibes to poor little Jasmine, I hope she'll be ok.
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oh no! Prayers coming her way!
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Thanks for all the good vibes and prayers. The news isn't good. The vet suspects Jasmine had a stroke. We're waiting on the results of blood tests that will be back tomorrow. As of a couple of hours ago, Jasmine wasn't showing any signs of improvement. The vet recommending giving her 24 hour and, if nothing changes, having her PTS. This is so sad and unfair. After years of struggling to survive on her own, Jasmine finally had the chance at loving home. Please keep the good vibes coming.
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Oh sad.
I will be praying for Jasmine's recovery.
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Aww! Vibes vibes vibes!!
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Sorry to hear about Jasmine. I will be praying for her and you too.
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Sorry for not posting an update on Jasmine sooner. Fortunately, she's still with us and showing signs of improvement. Although the vet confirms she did have a stroke it was a mild one and, since she's still pretty young, her chances at recovery are good. She will need some physical therapy though, and her mom is committed to working with the vet on this.

Thanks for the good vibes. Please keep them coming as Jasmine recovers.
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Prayers and Good Vibes to Jasmine. Hang in there!
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Awww Jasmine....I am so glad that you are feeling better sweetie pie. I will pray that you have a complete recovery.

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Sending thoughts and vibes for Jasmine's continued improvement.
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Poor baby!!

I really hope she continues to improve and gets a shot at *the good life*

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Great to hear that her mum wants to help her through this. Will be sending vibes hoping that she has a long and healthy life in front of her
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Prayers for little Jasmine.
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Ohh just now seeing this....please get better soon have so many people here rooting you on baby . My thoughts and prayers are with her!
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Jasmine must be sensing how many people are rooting for her at TCS because yesterday she was able to get up and walk around on her own. She wobbled a little, but did just fine otherwise. The vet was amazed at how quickly she's recovering. Thanks everybody for rooting for this sweet girl!
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Several yrs ago one of my sisters cats had a stroke. I can't remember all the details but I think the cat had some litter box issues after that but was physically able to walk and eat and things like that. Hoping Jasmine shows continued improvement.
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Cats are a resilient lot... it's so sad to hear that poor Jasmine had a stroke, but it's kind of good to know it was a mild one.

It's very sweet of you to post about her, and extremely kind of your neighbour to be as commited as she is toward Jasmine. She is a very lucky cat, and I hope that with all these positive vibes coming her way and the care she is receiving, she'll make a complete recovery soon!
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