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well mine comes from my email which is Aqueousnebula11.... but that comes from my love of the band Incubus

They have three songs......
"Aqueous Transmissions"



So yeah there ya go....I am so lame....but Brandon Boyd is soo hot
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Well I usually use Adrew but people always mistake me for a guy and my mom uses svofcols so I decided I'd use myfirst name and I live in Columbus- hence Amandaofcols. My thinkin cap was broke that day!
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Mine isnt anything speecial either, Harley is the name of my kitty, and he's my baby (spoiled baby ) so hence babyharley...oh yeah, I know, original as they get
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Mines easy too - I'm from the capital of New Zealand, Wellington and Cats really does speak for itself!
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My user name came from the fact that I make stamped greeting cards that are 3 dimensonial (by using layers , or partial layers, of the same image)
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Mine is oh-so-obvious as well. In other places I'm tennischica831-831 means I love you...8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning-or Travsgirl831
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momofmany....hmmm.....let's see now......

Actually, I plagerized from momof10cats and just made it more generic.
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It is my screen name for everything... My initals and the year I was born...I didn't even think of doing something different until it was too late
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I had a friend that always called me halfpint, I'm 4ft 11 weigh 107 I guess it fits
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Mine's easy. It's after my kitty Stormy!!
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as i read through back in my high school diaries i realised that i used FWAN alot back then then i used it as a user name
My name is Fran but when you hear a little kid they say fwan.. its the cutest thing on the world
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Mine comes from Zoe and Miss Kitty, my owners.
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my first name, amanda. The year i was born, 85. and the year that my first dog was born, 01. So Amanda8501
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shambelle is the name of a song by the Police. it's actually an Andy Summers song (the Police guitarist), but it was recorded as part of the Police catalog.

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Named after Agent Smith from The Matrix.
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