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How did you come up with your username?

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Some of us have pretty obvious usernames, but there are others that are frankly baffling!

So, how did you come up with yours, and does it actually mean anything?

Mine - I was sat at my computer trying to think of something, my mind was a complete blank, and then I saw a book on my bookcase and used the title! I've since read the book and it was awful
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Mine was originally my AOL IM screen name. It's a combination of "UGA" (University of Georgia, where I went to school) and "Aimes" (my nickname, short for Amy). Real creative huh?
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My name is from the title of a Korean film which I love lol a woman cop and a normal guy fall in love but while trying to save her he dies, at the end he comes back as the wind...it's very sad and struck with me...hence the name
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Mine is totally obvious... When I joined TCS I had only one cat, my Pepper, and I always call her my 'Pepper Girl' so that's what I used. I'm not the most creative person either...
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Mine's sorta easy. I have really dark eyes. And I'm a girl.

Real creative eh.
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Kattengek means catcrazy in dutch, and i am a catcrazy person so
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Many years ago, my bf would play computer games(still does), online games that is, and his screen name was BusyBee. So when I started playing, his friends started calling me BabyBee(because I was so bad at playing) and this way they knew that it was me not him....so I ended up making a character of my own, with the name they gave me. So the BabyBee just kind of stuck since then and I use it for everything.
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It's my real first name I couldn't think of anything else.
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Mine's pretty obvious, lol. milopixie for Milo & Pixie, how very creative of me!!!
Most of my screen names for other stuff did take a little more imagination though!!
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xocats...I kiss & hug cats.
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I joined right after losing Sunni, so it seemed a fitting tribute. On all other sites and chat programs, I'm Moongate. That comes from my obsession with the moon and the legend about the moongate. It's a formal entrance to a garden, and lovers pass beneath it, believing it will strengthen the bond of their love to eternity.
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Miss Mew is the name of my cousin Patti's cat
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What a loving tribute to Sunni.
Originally Posted by sunnicat
I joined right after losing Sunni, so it seemed a fitting tribute
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I'd have to say mine pretty much speaks for itself. I foster a lot of Bottle Feeder Kittens hence my TCS screename. Elsewhere I am cardsharpaaa88.
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Mine is my last name spelled backwards and the 5 on the end is myself, my husband and our three boys!
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In the early days when we were still playing computer games and needed an identity, Rob was rumpelstiltskin, and because my hair was long at the time, he called me rapunzel. That phase was pretty brief, but in the last few years when needing to choose a username I came back to that name. After discovering that it was almost always already taken, I decided to circumvent the random suggestion of each entity I approached and choose my own number, high enough that it stood a good chance of still being available. The year I was born doesn't change , so it's easy to remember.
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I credit my niece for gemlady. When she set up my computer she also set up an account with an email service and used gemlady. (Plus other numbers).

I am an active member of the Evansville Lapidary Society. "Lapidary" is the art of cutting gemstones. I make jewelry for myself and other family members and friends.
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I'm a fan of a mid 80's movie called LadyHawke and I love roses (principally Old Garden Roses) so I combined the two when I was looking for a name for my hobby pottery studio that wouldn't run into copyright issues. I've always thought of hawks as my totemic animal, they're very special to me. It's unusual enough that you won't find it ANYwhere (except where I've been.)
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Amaruuk is actually mispelled.
The Inuit word for "wolf" is amarok, pronounced with the long u. so i mispelled it. i've actually used this name for years, starting in video games (mmorpgs like everquest, daoc, lineage2, etc etc).
It reminds me of my own wild, reminds me to not be tame when others say i should "behave myself". this is a word i also have tattooed down the length of my spine in runic writing, just in case i forget.

so that's where mine comes from.

/runs off howling at the moon
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I'm another unoriginal member. I wasn't sure what to use as a board name when I registered here so I just used my first name and the first letter of my last name. Not too exciting, but I love reading about how the rest of you came up with your names.
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Mine is the name of the tatto shop I was working in when I joined. It is closed now, but the first one, Krazy Kat is still open in Clayton, NC.
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all my pets are male and im their mum (or should that be mom??)
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My boyfriend/future husband-type called me his girlieQ when we were first together.

At the time, I liked him, but I also liked an old family friend. For a few weeks, I was going out for coffee and the like with him, but we weren't officialy dating, so I wasn't his girlfriend, I was his GirlieQ.

As the name that I used before that for gaming purposes wasn't so unique (Demosthenes), I've stuck with GirlieQ.
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I just liked my name..........no real reason behind it!
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Scamper was my dog for 14years, Farms because thats what we named our buisness scamperfarms heh
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My cats are fat. Pretty simple!

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I'm unimaginative, it's my first name
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My dogs name is Apollo.. weanmed him after the greek god. So Leto was his mum. so it seemed fitting. I use Leto for eveything, games, forums, etc etc. Whats weird is I also have a cat named Orion, and in greek myth, Apollo tricked his sister, Artemis to kill Orion, I didn't realize the connection till after we already had Orion, (he came to us named) so I think he was meant for us. =)
Oh, the number, 86 is part of my email.. I dunno... xD
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hmm... lets see the 'm' is for meagan; the 'ferr' is for the first 4 letters in my last name(which was a mistake!); and the '84' is the year I was born...

had to have my thinking cap on reeeeeeal tight for that one
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I'm unimaginative, it's my first name
mine is my first name & birthday...
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