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We have a Peeing War!

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OKAY, I posted this is the kitten section about Jovi and when he can be neutered...but now I need advice on our resident cat Cody. (some background - Jovi is our new boy kitten and will be 3 months old on Wed...we've had him about a month now. Cody is our 4 year old resident female cat.)

Well, he already started spraying this week in our new living room!!! I can't believe he's old enough to do this!!! And now Cody is peeing over the spots he went on!!!! UGH!! Now is this behavorial with her or may she have a UTI? (She was just at the vets this week too...her bladder felt okay to the vet but he said we can do a urine check if this keeps happening.)

I already seperated them...Jovi is in his room and Cody is in the cellar for the time being until I can make an appt to get him neutered next week. How can I stop this? I am freaking out. This is a brand new carpet!!! Anyone else had this problem?! HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh noooo Susan!

To me, it definitely sounds like a territorial thing. Cody is peeing over Jovi's pee spots because of a battle to be alpha cat. She wants HER scent everywhere, not his.

I recommend Feliway spray or diffuser. It really calms down cats SAFELY. However, I am no expert and I'm sure others can give better advice.

I know this is difficult and I certainly hope it stops soon!

PS- How are they getting along otherwise? Do they play? Does Cody ever bathe Jovi?
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Yeah they've been playing and sleeping together just fine - no other problems except for this. Amy, I am freaking out here!!! I smelled pee and was like, God NOOOOOO! I already have Feliway since I moved into this new house in Dec and have been spraying it every couple weeks...I just did it last week. I'm guessing Jovi is old enough to be neutered...I posted in kittens about that. But I just don't get it with Cody...she knows better!!! UGH!!!
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She may know better according to you, but cat's don't reason as a general rule, they act on instinct. I would take her in first to have cystocentisis done on her because she just might be ill.

Then I would take this as a sign that she has enough cats in her life, she is alpha and she will spray to get the point across. That is their nature, and when they feel crowded in their space, or another cat comes into their life, they can and do spray to let everyone know that they are the head of the colony.

You can go to www.zero-odor.com and order their product. I recently had to use it because of Mr. Velcro, and hand's down this is the best on the market today to get rid of old stains.
You also want to invest in a black light

Scroll down to the Blacklight Shop

Cat pee glows green in a black light and you will be able to get all of it up. If you leave just a little behind your cat will come back and refresh the spot every three days.

Don't get mad at her when she is spraying- as I said, she cannot help herself, she is either fighting an infection, stressed because a new cat has come into the house, or showing her dominance. She is not saying- "Hey, let's tick off mom today and spray her home!"

Also how many litter pans do you have? You should have one per cat and one besides- they should be completely cleaned and scooped out to your cat's satisfaction and not yours- cat's are solely scent driven so what looks clean to us, sometimes isn't to them-

Good luck
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Thanks Hissy! Yes, we have 2 litter boxes...one in Jovi's room and then one down the cellar for Cody. I will invest in the black light. I have Nok out already...is this other one better?

I will also take her urine sample to the vet next week for him to test it. What is cystocentisis?Now can she be the one spraying on the wall...where the plugs are? I didn't think female cats could do that. Or could it be Jovi already? The vet said he could be neutered already after looking at him this week.

I am so upset...now I'm feeling guilty for bringing Jovi into Cody's already peaceful life.
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Update...it's not a war between them...it's Cody, my resident cat, going in the corners of the room and on the walls!! I separated them and started giving Cody her own time away from Jovi. But he's attacking her...jumping on her back and biting her neck. He's getting neutered in 3 weeks which I'm hoping will calm him down. I blocked off access to the living room where she went and thoroughly cleaned the areas. Is there anything else I can do to help with this situation?
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Is there is any way to get him neutered sooner rather than waiting three weeks? I hate the thought of him trying to mount Cody which must be making her really angry (the neck biting is a mating behavior). I'll bet that once Jovi is neutered (and after the three or so weeks it takes for the testosterone to clear his bloodstream after the neutereing) Cody's behavior will imporve. (But please do have her urine tested for signs of infection or crystals.)
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