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He's Starting to Spray Already!

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OKAY, Jovi will be 3 months on Sept 21. Now I thought I had to wait until he was 4-5 months old to get him neutered. At the vet this week, he looked at him and said he was mature enough to do the procedure. Is this okay? I can not believe he's spraying already!!! And on top on this, Cody is peeing over the spots he went on. UGH!! Now is this behavorial with her or may she have a UTI? (She was just at the vets this week too...her bladder felt okay to the vet.)

How can I stop this? I already seperated them...Jovi is in his room and Cody is in the cellar for the time being. Is it okay to get him neutered next week??? Need advice please!!! Thanks guys!!
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I'm not sure about Cody's behavior, but Jovi should be fine to get neutered. A lot of vets still wait for 5-6 months, but shelters do the early spay/neuter all the time. As long as the vet says it's safe and you trust your vet, go with your vet's recommendation!

Good luck with the rest.
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Thanks! I made an appointment for Jovi to be neutered next week. When the vet looked at him this week, he said he was "mature" enough to do. Plus, he's starting to get aggressive with Cody. Hopefully it will calm him down...thus calming down Cody. [sigh]
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Our Toby was`nt much older when we had him fixed. He was`nt spraying yet, but a pretty little "Fe Fe" (female feline) was hanging around our place giving him BIG ideas....and the yowling (his) and his attempts to get outside everytime the door was opened...was driving us nutso. The vet said if he was old enough to "get the idea" , then he was old enough to be nutered.....so we went ahead and had it done and he did just fine with being fixed (the cat, not the vet)....but it did still take a couple of weeks before he stopped the yowling...guess it takes awhile for the hormones in their body to wear off....so you could still have some problems with him for a little bit afterwards.
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Wow, maybe it's the presence of a female cat that's caused him to mature early?

My two are nearly 5 months old and still seem very unaware of anything like that, thankfully. It's not normal to neuter a male in the UK until 6 months old, so fingers crossed they don't get any ideas for at least another month!
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It's totally fine to get him neutered if he's over 2 pounds. For some reason, a lot of people wait, but the procedure is actually safe for any kitten 2 pounds or over.
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I thought that you were basically waiting for the testicles to decend. It is much easier to remove them once they have fallen. If not the proceedure is a bit more difficult to go in after them. They still can do it, even if they havn't come down but, you might want to just give them a feel and see if they are down. If they are, then it will be even better. Love, Hope
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Actually, after seperating Jovi and Cody into different rooms...I found out that is was Cody, the female, peeing in the house!!!! I had no idea female cats could spray on the wall! And I don't know why...we were just at the vets last week and he said her bladder felt fine. I have a feeling Cody is doing this because she hates Jovi. Just what I was afraid of.

As for neutering Jovi, he's 3 months tomorrow and when the vet looked at himlast week, he said he was definitely mature enough to do as they are on the outside of this body. So my little boy goes in on Oct 11.
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