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Hi All,
Silvie's babies are a mere 3 days old. I was worried so took all 5 plus mamma to the vets today. Silvie has a temp (40 degrees) and she isn't producing a lot of milk. The vet gave her oxytocin and an antibiotic injection plus she has to have tablets for five days. Three kitties seem robust, two smaller with one of these quite weak. We are meant to supplement-feed any/all kittens as we think fit - especially the little one. But I can't get them to take anything from a bottle/teat! I follow the directions carefully, make sure the milk is warm, position kitty properly and have kitty warm and "kneading" a towel ---- but they refuse the teat
Any suggestions? I am sooooo nervous. I sit with Silvie for hours, we have her on a heat pad, fed, watered - we have to wipe kitties bottoms cos mamma isn't all that sure about anything yet. I am tired and really, really want them to all do well. How can I supplement-feed them if they won't take it?
Thanks in advance -- Katie