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Any answers?

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You guys were so great before, i thought i would pick your brains a little longer with a couple of things that i have noticed recently about Theo...

He's started to be scared of things like when i get a bin bag out of the kitchen drawer he runs for cover. This is really wierd as I have never flapped the bag at him or anything like that, and he used to be fine around them?1 any ideas? He's also becoming scared of the hoover, shoes etc... objects lying around. This is all before he was recently poorly by the way.

Theo has a catflap to get in and out of the house, but recently he has been asking me to open the door for him to go out.. he lived without the cat flap for about 6 months and used to request entering and exiting the house at his lesuire, and he is using it when i'm out, but seems to like me opening the door for him?!

He will only drink water out of the toilet..?

He keeps putting himself to 'bed' at the moment... this is really funny and sweet actually but slightly bizarre... basically i bought him a new fleecy balnket the other day, and i put it on the spot where he sleeps on my bed, but when i wake up in the morning (and this has gone on for about 2 weeks now!) he's tucked himself under the blanket and is fast asleep!!

Any ideas?

Sorry i had so many things, hope you don't mind!!
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How strange is that!. My Rosie hates it when i rip off bin liners from the roll also and runs up the stairs Both of them also run when i rip of tin foil from the roll. If their eating and i need some foil i wait until they've finished before ripping it off otherwise they'd just run They also hate the vacuum

Sophies started doing something that she's never done before, which is to go into my room and burrow under the quilt, so all you see is this little mound on the bed for 2-3 hours
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He probably feels safe under the blanket - Sunday loves it under cover and Sashka more often than not will sleep under the doona rather than on top of it.

I've never met a cat who is not mortally afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

The bag thing is weird but maybe he's just never noticed it before? Now it freaks him out - a lot of cats don't like rustling, hissy-type noises so it could be that.

Yes, he likes you being his servant and letting him in and out!!!! Lol....cats are real creatures of habit he will probably continue to do this until you actively encourage him otherwise.

And the toilet thing? You might just have to keep the seat down to give him no option because honestly, most cats will drink out of anything BUT their water bowl if given half a chance.

All of these behaviours are normal, too, so don't worry about them. Just some more of the wonderful quirky kitty-habits we all know and love!
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Alfie loves to be under cover too, I found him the other day in the pillowcase with the pillow! He often dives under the duvet, towels, blankets etc. I have throws over my sofas and when I get home from work you can see where they've been playing chase underneath them
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He he.. its good to hear that its not only my little monkey that seems to have these mad things in his head!! I am baffled by the bin bag thing, and the vacuum thing is when the hoover isn't even on. I could understand it if it was, but its when its lying there dormant. And theo wasn't ever that scared of it being on you see, so it really is rather strange! I'm starting to think that KitEKats4eva night be right and that its a power thing with the going in and out thing, but its driving me mad!! The blanket thing is so cute though, don't know where he's got it from as its totally new for him, but you're right, their little personality quirks are lovely - very special!!
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Oh and he's now also TERRIFIED of sprays. Of any description. I've never used a spray on him - he has that sachet drop flea stuff. Its made me wonder whether someone has used it as a tactic to get rid of him at some point and now he associates it with a bad feeling. What do you think?
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I had a cat who was terrified of sprays too. My mother used OTC flea powder on him as a kitten, and since then he associated ANY can/tin/powder with being held down and smothered in flea powder.

My two have never had a negative experience with cans or tins so they don't mind them at all. In fact they are always curious, as their catnip flavoured drops come in a tin!
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We have the same fear of the bags here. Vacuum as well. Now we have the fear of the ceiling fans when they're in the off position. Crazy cat. Last night, my son was telling her to "Conquer" her fears. I told him to let me know if that works. LOL
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