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My favorite, and actually only way Ive ever made eggplant,is to dip thin slices in beaten eggs, and then coat with fine crushed cracker crumbs, then fry in oil. Fattening, but oh so delicious!!!!
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are you gonna be in Mass?!?!?!
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I made it! Like anything else, the first time is always for experimenting, and deciding what you like and don't. Well I don't like my big frying pan and next time I'll use my smaller T-fal pan. I didn't have as much parmesan cheese and I would have liked. But...

Overall it was good (so I hear) and my SO said that it was an excellent first try

I've worked out the kinks and next time it will be even better!!

thanks everyone for the recipes! I really appreciate it
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Ya always gotta put your own twist on recipies - keep cooking! I'm glad he liked it!
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