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Urgent !

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Our cat is a 7 year old Snow Bengal in remission with Bowel Cancer.

He started 2 days ago with Chronic Diareaha which we have been treating with Slippery Elm tablets, as instructed by our vet and homeopath.

Over night he has deteriorated dramatically, and I really think we are losing him.

The vet advised NOT travelling him as he does not tolerate journeys or new people and sinks rapidly into a deep depression with new interactions. The vet said any strangers in his life, will probably kill him right now. We have had a long in depth talks and exchange of media files via computer, and the vet has said it is best we try to remedy this at home, with hourly feeds and water, and Slippery Elm. We have sort three other opinions and all have come back with the same viewpoint that it is probably too late to save him.

His weight has dropped over the last few days, and this morning I find he is completely tucked up and drawn in. The change is horrific in just 12 hours. I feel terribly guilty. He is terribly weak but still eats on his own, and has just had 3quaters of half a fillet of mackeral - the only thing he'll eat right now, which was in Brine - I know, its salty

He has had this morning 1 and half Slippery elm, and his appetite is poor. He finds it exhausting to stand.

Are there any safe human meds and / or rehydration fluids that can be given to him. I know anti diarreoal tablets always work immediately for me, so I am, perhaps clutching at straws to help my poor boy. Its just an idea. Any other suggestions are all appreciated.

His vet is the leading vet on his breed for the UK and his Homeopath is considered the expert in his field. We are based in London, UK.

Urgent advice is sought for my poor cat, please.
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Keith i'm so very sorry! Whatever you do, don't give him any human medication as this could make him worse.

Let me see if one of the senior moderators with more experience can help
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I am so sorry about your kitty Unfortunately I have no advice but like Rosiemac said some here with more experience should be able to help. As alot of our members are in the US many of the "experts" are not online right now.

Can you ring your vet to ask advice, my vet is always willing to try to help over the phone.

Hang in there, and let us know how things go ok?
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Keith this is very sad for you.

Could your vet possibly make a house call?? If he has told you not to move your kitty then he may well be willing to do this.
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Poor little guy - it is so hard to see them down, isn't it? Have you given your vet a call to see what he recommends? Perhaps there is something additional he can suggest to provide some measure of comfort. It is risky to give human medications to cats, no matter how safe for humans they may be. Always discuss with your vet first to determine correct medication, dosage and frequency.

I wish I had more to offer in the way of suggestion - but I do sincerely hope your little guy feels better quickly.

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I am so sorry for what you are going through with your precious friend. My thoughts are with you.
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For rehydration can you get some non flavored pedialite - the stuff they give kids to drink when they have diarreah!! Or just some canned food with lots of gravy!!

I am so sorry your little guy and you have to go through this!!!
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Poor little guy! I am so sad you are going through this. How nice of your vet to think of the cats needs, and let him stay home with you. Prayers for his recovery, and your wisdom in treating him, and your peace of mind!
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I am at a loss, this just isn't something I've had to deal with. My only thought is if possible, you could ask to be set up to do sub-q fluids at home to rehydrate your sweetie.

I think it would be great to see if your vet could make a housecall.

Here is *the* best site I've found on the web for any feline cancer situation:click here

I wish you all the best...I recently had an rescue situation of a snow marble bengal, changed my opinions forever about Bengals...I found him the sweetest and most wonderful of cats.
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Thank you all for your replies. Here is an update of the situation:

My daughter had spent the day in tears, at work, thinking the worst. We are all very deeply concerned for our little boy.

We decided to run the risk of travelling cat to our vets in the early afternoon. The vet was surprised to see us, and as our little one had got weaker over the day, was pleased we had decided to ignore his advice.

At the vets ( my wife took him ) although he hasn't the energy to meow and he is usually an extremely vocal boy, he did summon up the strength to wander around the surgery, and fight the vet when he gave him a tablet.

He was adminsistered antibiotics, an appetite stimulant, and an anti diarreoal injection as the following form, which we are told lasts 3 days in the cats system ???:
1ml Voren inj
Metronidazole tablets (half, twice daily)
and told to feed Waltham Royal Canin Veterinary Diet, Sesitivity Control for Felines.

My wife fed him hourly, and then My daughter has fed hourly since she arrived home at 6pm, then from 10.40pm every 2 hours, as he seemed too exhausted on the hourly feeds. She has kept him warm and on a padded mattress in a open cat carrier, to which he has retreated, and a large fluffy towel on top of that. And has talked lots of soothing words, and gentle stroking throughout.

Our little one is so boney now, he is akin to a neglected rescue case with his hip bones now pronounced. The change in body weight over such a shockingly short space of time, is something I never believed was possible. I do now, however think that the shock of a dog chase 2 weeks ago ( he is a mostly indoor cat and slipped out ), and the sudden drop in temperature here, is something to do with it. He has always been an emotiionally ruled and sensitive soul.

Now daylight has come around again, my daughter, during feeds, is turning on the light box we have for my wife's S.A.D., which he has always enjoyed, and it does seem to be improving his eating ability.

This morning he took a wander around the house, so I am hopeful that this is a good sign.

He still has a long road to travel, and if anyone could shed any light on what the drugs he was given are for, exactly, we would be grateful. Also any other tips on what we can feed to tempt him to eat.

We have been warned that things could change quickly for him, and he is still very weak, however we are all fighting for our boy and hopefully we will pull him through.

The cancer, we are delighted to say, is still apparently in remission, thanks to homeopathic medicines.

Many thanks for all your replies. It means a lot to us, when we feel so very helpless.
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My only concern is that feeding a variety of things may cause him to react, and heavens knows you are so trying to get the diarhea to stop, including the vet recomended food. So.....of the suggestions below, please run them by your vet first?

baby food meat (just check label to be sure it does not contain any onion, or make your own - i.e. just boil up some chicken, blenderize/puree the heck out of it with some of the broth, and serve slightly warmed to tickle his sense of smell/appetite).

I know you can get these - try shaved bonito flakes..for kitties the brand is Kitty kaviar, for humans, it is sold in asian markets - Katsuobushi. These can be sprinkled or a pinch put atop his food.

freeze dried salmon treats if there are any you can find
freeze-dried shrimp

Here is one site I found that seems to be uk located which carries shrimp, kitty kaviar and cosmic' brand's version of the same: click here

best wishes to your fellow, I am so glad you took him in. I am only familiar with the Metronidazole - also known as Flagyl. Here is a pdf from Drs. Foster and Smith with full information on this medication:click here (you will need to have Adobe Acrobat's free reader installed to read this since it is a pdf file).
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You are trying so hard to help your beloved kitty.
I know that this is a very challenging time for you & your family.
You, your family & your sweet kitty will be in my thoughts & prayers.
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