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More Foster Kittens

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These are my latest fosters, they came from under a house in one of the many 'small' cities eaten by Los Angeles.

First up is James, he is the one enjoying people the least, but in probably the best shape. I'm working on him, he's now gone from always-hissing-at-me to occasionally-hissing-at-me.

Next up is Jane. She's the stinkiest right now (we're working on it) but LOVES to be cuddled -- but won't come to you for cuddles. She's also got a few extra toes!

Here is my boy Francis. He was in the worst physical condition of the bunch, but he's starting to look much, much better.

And finally is William. Who is probably from a different litter, and just adorable.
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I love William!!!
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Oh they are TOO cute.....bless you for saving them...

I have to say James is my favourite - you get the feeling that once you've won him over he'll be a VERY special little boy...
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They're all adorable! You'll have to keep us updated on progress and more pictures!
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Just so very very sweet!
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Oooooooh look at those little cutie pies! I could pick them all up and give them a stack of snuggles
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Awww, they are all so precious!!
Jane reminds me of Stormy when she was a kitten!
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They are so sweet
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How precious! William is my favorite. Must be that little smudge on his nose!
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I'm glad you enjoy them! I have to say, socializing them AND working on litter boxes sure makes it a tiring day (plus I try not to neglect my own babies). But I am pleased by how much better they are looking than when I first got them.
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Oh bless their little hearts!! They are all so very precious. And James has the most amazing emotion filled eyes!! I could just eat`em all up!!
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I am in love with William!! What a cutie!
They are all just adorable!
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