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Before/After pics of LR Floor Renovation! - Page 2

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haha-I figure if any floor can uphold all those little kids running around all day, Its got my next buy!!!
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I saw your post a while back...I had been planning on doing it too! So we did! Here are my befores and afters!

I highly recommend this stuff!




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It looks great, I had it before we moved into the new house and I loved it., it's very easy to care for I thought
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Its beauiful very very very nice! my mom in fla did her floor like that they both seem to like it Im thinking of doing are floor like that darn cat and dog hair every where But it will be a while got to put a new roof on first
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Originally Posted by Talon
I love it! I am so jealous!

After you pulled the carpet up - did you have to put anything down between the subflooring and the laminent? When we first moved to this house, we got some quotes on redoing the family room and they kept saying we may need something else - since it is a concrete floor underneath.
We did a breezeway (former owners turned a garage into that) a few months ago with this type of flooring, we went right over the concrete with it. Maybe it depends on the condition, if your concrete has alot of cracks.

xomycatsxo and akbeck98, your new rooms are lovely!!
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That is absolutely beautiful! The other great thing about laminate flooring is there are no dye lots. The color is set photographically. Don't ask me to explain that. I was purchasing some to match existing flooring for a customer and thats what the store told me. It did match perfectly. If you ever decide to do the same with adjacent rooms, you should be able to get the exact same thing!

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Originally Posted by GirlieQ
They look wonderful!

I have wood floors here, and the cats love them. I had Bella at my parents' house (briefly), and she was so upset that her mousies didn't slide across the carpet.

And wood stays so much cleaner than carpet. There's not a whole lot that I hate more than vacuuming, and I'm way too much of a clutz to keep from staining carpets.

Your room looks so much warmer and brighter now!
Your signature should really have a warning. "CAUTION: CUTNESS ALERT!" Your kitties are adorable!
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