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Hey Sunlion......

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....how did your move go? How are the cats adjusting?
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I didn't know you were moving, Sunlion. Where did you move to?
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We mostly moved to another apartment complex across the street. The neighbors were getting bothersome in a way that didn't seem wholesome for raising a child. You know how it is, the tennants change over time so even if you have a nice bunch of folks when you get there, some of them move out and others move in. But this place is a little bigger and I can let my daughter go outside because it has huge picture windows where I can watch her and hubby is pleased that it gets satellite tv. I know he moved just for the tv.

Two biggest hardships: The kitchen was designed by a man and no DSL yet. Dial-up sucks! Really, the kitchen has all the storage up high and the pantry is long and narrow. Half of it is behind the fridge and my arms just aren't that long, plus there is only a 6" gap to step into. Clearly only useful for someone who's a cross between a member of the WNBA and Kate Moss. But I don't much like to cook so maybe this is a way out . . .

Sparky is the most freaked. Blackie moved across country with us twice, so he wasn't happy about being kennelled but tolerates it pretty well. Sparky just hunched himself up and crouched in the back of the kennel with his head upside down on the bottom of it. It was weird, his nose tucked under his chest and his ears against the floor. It took him two days to want to be petted again.

And he's mad at me! He has sprayed twice since we got here (or peed, since he has a hard time getting to the cat box), both times on stuff of mine: Once on a pair of underwear without getting hubby's jacket or the carpet, and once on my sheet that was on the floor without getting the blanket or the furniture. Unless he's trying to tell Fred that I'm his territory or something. But he still comes up to me for snuggles and petting, so he can't be too mad . . .
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Hopefully they will adjust soon. Weird that he only sprays your things. That would be my luck, too. I hope it gets better!
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All 3 cats were sleeping on the bed tonight. Blackie lays down and Sparky lays near him, of course, because he'd still like to nurse sometimes! Then Fred lays down, but usually on the other side of me from the others. If I startle him, he gets up and dashes off. He seems to shift between timid and curious. If he makes too much noise moving, Blackie will get up and move into his way. No hissing or swatting, but it seems like an aggressive move anyway. However, I have been petting the boys in front of each other and they seem to be accepting that we accept Fred, so it should settle in the next couple of days. Sparky has been especially snuggly today and not interested at all in Fred. I suppose that's a good thing. At least he seems to be getting over being freaked out.
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Isn't it amazing how cats just can't stand change. Well, they'll adjust but, I noticed that in all mine too, especially the dreaded car ride...

Good luck.

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Just slaves of our animals? :tounge2: I'm telling you, my life revolves around "omegosh! I gotta get home and feed the horses, God forbid that they are fed five or ten minutes late!?!?" or "omegosh! I gotta go home and feed the cats/let them out/become a doorman so they can go in and out 50 times in ten minutes!!!":tounge2: :tounge2:

Then I bitch about it.... who's nuttier, the animals or the humans? I think they are ALOT smarter than we give them credit for. I swear to God, they sit there an say to themselves, "look at her, what a moron! We run her life!":tounge2:

SLAVE TO MY ANIMALS! Gotta love it, at least I'm not a slave to love....:tounge2: :tounge2:
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I went back to bed this morning, not because I was tired, but because Sparky followed me around the house meowing and kept running toward the bedroom every time I even looked in that direction. He really wanted to stretch out next to me and cuddle! So I put everything else in my life on hold to make the cat happy! Thank goodness for my laptop and wireless internet! He has his head in my armpit and his little legs stretched out almost to my knees while I'm typing this. Too funny!
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Originally posted by jakenjinx
I swear to God, they sit there an say to themselves, "look at her, what a moron! We run her life!":tounge2:
WHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! MORANS!! OMG!!! :laughing2 :laughing2

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