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Stray/Feral - success at last!

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After 8 months Flash has finally decided to come live with me and my other 3 kitties (not to mention the other 3 neighbours cats ).

The story - Flash, a feral, found a new home, at 6 mths old, with an aquaintance of mine (Kirsty) about 3 years ago (only found this out 8 mths ago). She had him neutered and a few weeks after he decided to leave home for good. I found out she didn't neglect him and for the first few mths would rush to each sighting with the hope of bringing him back home. Unfortunately Flash had other ideas as no-one could get within thirty feet of him before he would run off.

I noticed him round the farm and started to leave food out for him and made a few enquiries as to who he might previously have owned. I found out and Kirsty rushed up, within 15 minutes, in the hopes of getting him back - yep, she still wanted him even after all this time. Well you can guess what happened, he did his disappearing act again. I had a chat with Kirsty and we came to the conclusion that even if she did manage to get him back he would probably leave again, and be even more suspicious of people in the future. I would feed him if I saw him, as at least she knew he was doing as well as could be expected with his chosen lifestyle.

Over the next few weeks/months he appeared intermittently. If I saw him I would leave out food and when I went back in the house I would watch him cautiously come out from cover and gobble down the food (wormer and all), he was very skinny and had the usual scabs etc. on his ears and head.

Well slowly and in stages over the last 6 wks I have coaxed him into eating at the back door while I am standing watching, allowing me to have the occassional stroke (and a dose of frontline spot-on for fleas ) until finally he would come in the door and eat at the same time as my other kitties (he knows exactly what time I get home from work). He is still very nervous and runs away if anyone else is nearby. He looks healthy and is a good weight with a fairly good conditioned coat and now thoroughly enjoys being stroked, within reason.

The final breakthrough was when he came in tonight and made himself comfortable on the sofa.

I guess I have a new cat. All it took was patience.

This is Flash making himself at home.

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Awww....Flash is home.

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That's great!!!
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