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Well, They met.....

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Well, Jake and Jinx "officially" met last night in the kitchen. I spoke w/the woman at the shelter and she said to start introducing them for short periods.

I've been doing the baby gate thing, and that has worked well - I have three, covering the entire doorway, so no one can get in/out/at each other.

Jinx is still hissing and growling at Jake, but I think cuz he's scared. I also think Jake is gonna be the aggressor . There was no contact, but man, the stare downs! I felt so bad, there's Jinx on the kitchen table with his ears so flat he looks like they fell off and eyes closed, waiting to get beat on. Jake just got right in his face, no contact (yet). I let them do that for about a minute and then put jake on the floor. Jake then jumped in the chair and kinda rested (and Jinx kinda rested on the table), so it wasn't tense the WHOLE time, just when the looked at each other. Then Jake got up on the Table again and Jake Really got in his face and made that horrible tom cat moan and I said OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH and put jake in the living room. THE FIGHTING OR POSSIBILITY IS SCARING THE HELL OUTA ME. I know it's gonna happen.....

They eat next to each other like they've been together forever. Once they are done, Jinx starts his hissin and growling. I can't understand this.

Then, when I separate them, Jinx cries and cries. I know he wants to be a part of the family, but I wonder if his hissing and growling are causing more problems. When they see each other thru the kiddie gates, they just kinda sit there and look at each other - not scared or on edge or anything! Jake NEVER HISSES as Jinx - ever. He just sits there and looks at him. But I know Jakes MO - I think he knows he's got his number! What a brat! I still love him though....


Is a fight inevitible? Should I let them tussle? How long do I let them fight, if they do?

HEEELLLP! It's crunch time! I want this to go well!

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Well, we got Cymone about a month ago and had to introduce her to Sunshine who we had since last summer. Almost everyone on here told me to do it the way you are now, with the separation, etc. I did that for about 48 hours, but they were so miserable ( both knew that the other one was there, and was going crazy ), that I decided to just let them out ( supervised of course ) and let nature take its course. There was a LOT of hissing, growling, spitting, etc. I made sure I stayed home for like 3 days all day long just to be sure. In the end, it all stopped basically. They don't hiss anymore, they eat together, and even though they don't really play, they get along fine. Every once in a while Sunshine will swat at Cymone if she is too close. I know I am in the minority when I say this, but I would just let them be. Of course, if the fighting is awful you would have to step in. But I think nature should just take its course. I know the experts here say to introduce them slowly, but in my case it didn't really need that.....actually I think it was better, Sunshine immediatley let it be known she was Alpha, and Cymone realized that she was "second" and didn't put up a fight about it.
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I'll join in the minority too and say that you've done a good job of introducing them, but now it's time to let them figure things out on their own.

Tux just got two new buddies from C.A.R.E. (Cats Are Reason Enough) and while I did take it slow with the first kitty (Gizmo), the second newbie (Tuffy) had a much shorter introduction period. And now that Tux has adapted to the fact that he's got roomies, they're getting along just fine. Oh, you'll see them tussle all over the place, but they don't hiss or growl at each other and the claws don't come into play. They'll eat next to each other, and I've caught the guys (Tux and Tuffy) grooming each other, so I figure that in a couple of months' time, they'll start to become fast friends, just like your Jake and Jinx. You're doing a great thing for your kitties!

Good luck!
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We went through this too when we brought Twinky home to meet Snuggs. After about 5 days we let them play. If it got too rough we would separate them for a while and then try again. Also, if we went out we separated them until we knew that they wouldn't rough each other up. Eventually they worked it out but it was gut wrenching at times. Now they are the best of friends.....grooming, sleeping, and playing with each other. They will adapt, it will just take time. Also, give them lots of treats when they are playing nicely, and take time to play with both together. It will work out. Good luck!
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Let the fur fly...........
Seriously, they will spat and growl and hiss and swat for a bit. Then you will have calm and peace and 2 happy fur balls + one happy non-fur momma!
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Not real happy this am. Last night (night 2 of intro's), Jake went into Jinx's room and tormented him for a while (ya know, looming, staring and just screwing with poor Jinxy's head) and decided to go into the litter box, look at me, meow and SPRAY THE FREAKING WALL. I AM HORRIFIED! He has never, ever, ever sprayed and now I'm just beside myself. What next?!?!?!? What do I do NOW for the Love of GOD!

I'm kicking myself for keeping them separate for such a long period. Should I be?
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Oh Janet - that is terrible! I am so sorry. They will sort it out - but in the mean time, you might want to order some Nok-Out for the cleaning of that wall. Hope tomorrow goes better!
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I posted a LOOONNNG (of course)explanation on Jake is now spraying thread.... KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!!:tounge2:
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