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Bathing Nikita... surprise!

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I had to bite the bullet and give Nikita, our 5 month old kitten a bath last night... She fell in the toilet! Having been a professional groomer for 4 years and having bathed my share of cats, I was expecting to have to pull out the gauze and alcohol after the fact, because she does tend to have a bit of an attitude sometimes, but she actually did very well! I put a collar and leash on her, and scruffed her (only because she kept trying to run away), and put her on an inverted milk crate in the tub. She basically froze there and let me wet, shampoo and rinse with no problems! And apart from trying to slink away, she tolerated the drying very well too! I asked my boyfriend to help hold her while I concentrated on dyring, and the whole process from A to Z took about half an hour! Poor girl looked like a drowned rat coming out of the tub! And once she was nearly dry, we let her go, and she sat in the middle of the floor for the rest of the evening, licking herself dry.

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Indeed a very good girl!
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Glad you came out unscathed ! I've had cats of the "Well, I'm wet, there's nothing I can do about it now" variety, and I've had cats that I swear I needed to wear a 16th century suit of armor to bathe. Glad you apparently have one of the former!
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Aw! I love that rat look after a bath. =)
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