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Constipated (yuk...)?

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Hi guys - I got a question (Oh, what a suprise! ).

Okay - it;s kinda gross, but hey, cats can be gross, right?

I think Jake is constipated. Last night, he made a visit to the Reading Room (aka Litter box) and he came out w/a poop hanging outa his bottom! He's never had this before and (I'm laughing as I type this cuz if you coulda saw....) he came running out, trying to rub it off on the floor - his face was priceless and I felt bad but at the same time was laughing.... so I went over w/a napkin and "helped him out" and got it out - but it was really hard and long!

Now since I've had Jinx (almost 4 weeks), I've been feeding Nutro moist because the shelter said Jinx kinda went off his food when they had him (HE EATS LIKE A PIG, BY THE WAY). Do you think the change in his diet?

Of course, now I'm scared, I can't afford another vet bill (Romeo's Vet bill was $800!)

Also - I wormed him the other day (sat nite) and I was wondering if that could do it (droncet pill). I am going to wean them off the moist cuz I just don't like feeding my cats moist food.

Okay, now stop grossing out and/or lauging and - Whadda ya think?
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Well I am a little confused.

Constipated means that he CAN NOT go - your Jake seems OK in that department. DO you mean he had soft stool? If so Yes a dietary change done too quickly as well as worming could be cause. How is he now?
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He's eating and everything and playing and stuff, just when I "assisted" him in the removal of a "poopie" from his bum, it was real hard. Like dry, not like a normal poop, I guess?
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OK I see - said the blind woman.

1- Why don't you try Laxatone. It is an easy-to-give laxative and lubricant. Comes as a palatable paste. Put a small amount on Jake's nose for him to lick off.
You can purchase at Petco or Petsmart.

2- Or you might put some fishoil in his soft food to help him out.

See if that helps. Like humans they sometimes need help. Also increased amount of water should make stool softer.

If it continues on it's own without relief - I would consult your vet.

Good luck!!
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I'll keep an eye out - I think just cuz of all the Introductions of Jinx and stuff, he's probably a little off kilter! Thank YOu!
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Hmm. Maybe he's not getting enough fiber. Why doesn't he eat any hard food?
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I think it was just "one of those things" - he's fine - playing, pooping, eating, drinking... It was just when they both started to "meet". Jinx still hisses and growls and runs away and Jake still torments him. OH, What fun, introductions.
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