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Cat Has Swollen Lower Lip....

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Hi! I'm new and this is a wonderful site! I've read so many helpful posts. I have a question and am not sure if anyone's had this problem before. My calico female (almost 1) appeared to have a bit of a swollen lower lip the other day. Her lip is black and we could "see" it more than usual. A day later, she had some white on her lower lip and when I rubbed it, it came off, similar to the skin of a fish. It appeared some of the black was coming off, and it was pink underneath! VERY weird. Today, it is starting to look a bit more swollen and when I touched it, I believe I felt a lump. I AM taking her to the vet but just wanted to know if you had any ideas. I should tell you I just took in a stray kitten, who has not been to the vet yet (I can't catch her yet, though she is getting better). She appears healthy, but I'm concerned she may have hurt the other cat????? The calico seems otherwise fine, eats, sleeps, plays, runs, etc. No scratching, biting, drooling, discharge or obvious discomfort........thanks for your help!!! Julie
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Could be bug bite - she could have even bit her own lower lip - it could be many things. You are doing the right thing by taking her in.

Good luck!
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My cat PB had the same thing...
He has allergies to many bugs etc.
2 shots of depo.. and he's back to normal...
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Francine had a swollen lip last week and her chin was swollen too. The vet did xray because the lump was hard, she thought it might be into the bone, but luckily it wasn't. She gave her a Depo shot and it was back to normal 2 days later.
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I agree with you to let the vet take a look. We are all hoping it turns out to be nothing serious. Good luck.
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