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Plays Fetch

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Darlene (AKA:TLK) sent me some catnip mice a while back. After much wrangling, one ended up being just Ripley's. He has taken to playing fetch with me at night when I am on the computer. He will bring it over and give it to me, or drop it by the chair. Then I toss it across the livingroom floor and he brings it back! This goes one until Mom usually has had enough. He is stashing it away during the day, cause it only reappears after supper. Smart little one ain't he? Takes after his human mom I think!
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Aww Deb!! that is too cute!! All my cats do when introduce to a toy mouse... is look.... and carry on sleeping hahaha
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I love it when they play fetch - who says only dogs play that game!. Striker is the best when it comes to fetch - he'll fetch any toy that is thrown. Excalibur will fetch puff balls & Merlin straws. The girls don't seem to want to play fetch - is it just a boy thing?
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Darlene sent my crew some mice as well. They all love them though it does give me pause everytime I see the mice laying on the floor- they look so much like the real thing! Fakes me out everytime! Thanks TLK again for sharing your craft with my crew.
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Those little fur balls are made from catfur I was told that by some Chinese lady and it was a horror story
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Rascal loves to play fetch, especially in the middle of the night. He loves to play with the furry mice I bought him at Petsmart. They have little balls inside that make sort of a rattling noise. Whenever I have look for Rascal whenever he is hiding or when I need him to come to me, all I do is grab his mouse and shake it and he is at my feet in a second. I'd be asleep and Rascal would come with his mouse in his mouth and drops it on me. Then wakes me up. I would get his mouse, shake it a little and throw it on the floor. Rascal immediately will fly off the bed, get the mouse, comes back and drops it on me. Then he waits for me to throw it again. We do this until he tires.
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YUCK, I shall never buy those things again! They aren't rabbit fur like I's catfur and they skin the cats alive!!! so that the fur stays fresh...some Chinese lady told me that when I was at the Petsmart store...she said NOT to buy them...I was in tears...this was just the other day too! I forgot to post that...sorry guys!

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Well, I should research that, but I wonder why she would tell me such a horrible thing. She said that they're made in China...
I don't even want to think about it, but I also don't want to say this without more evidence...sorry about that too, but maybe she's right...for now, I'm staying away from those things until I find out for sure!

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The ones we have feel a lot like rabbit fur, it just doesn't have the texture of cat fur...but who knows. If that proves to be true, I won't buy anymore either.
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I'd be careful with those little furry kitties ate them, ALL!
that cant be good!! We looked and looked and looked all over the house, they are gone! NAUGHTY KIDDINS!!!:disturbed

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On most of the ones I've seen, the fur is obviously synthetic. A good alternative is the great mice that Threelegged Kat made. They were simply made out of fabric. The cats didn't much care what was on the outside; they were interested in the nip inside!
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YIKES!!!!!! Naughty Kibbies IS RIGHT!!! Poor little babies, I hope they didn't get sick!

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No they didn't, Thank God! We noticed them missing right away and they wont get them again! It was a few months ago. Now they get mostly balls! And BOXES, they LOVE boxes! They eat alot of things actually now that I think of it. We have this long stringy toy and Miko was playing with it one night, I went to take it from her and put it away...IT WAS HALF WAY DOWN HER THROAT!! She gagged as I pulled it I felt so bad. Now they have supervised play time with that toy. Oh yah did I tell ya they are theives!!! They walk off with anything that can fit in their little mouths. So we "Kitten proof" the house daily now. They are SO Funny!

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OH!!! I love that when they walk around with a toy in there mouth...hahaha! It's so cute! They think they're little hunters! hahaha!

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I thought the real fur mice were bunny fur! Now I'm horrified . . .

Blackie loves a good mousie, but he's just as happy with one of the synthetic ones. He isn't into the nip, but he likes to toss it in the air and carry it around the house. I made the switch because I've seen white and grey mice, but I've never seen an orange or hot pink one! Obvious fake!

The other cats could care less about mousie toys at all, though they like balls and strings.
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When Merlin was little he liked to play fetch with one of those little McDonald's Beanie Babies they were giving out in happy meals back then. "His" Beanie Baby was a leapard ad I still have it, even though he won't play with it anymore....I am too sentimental to throw the ragged thing out!
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I bought a generic beanie baby for the kitties at Christmas. It's a black and white Tuxie kitty, about 6" long, and looks eerily like LilyBelle!

Rudy has adopted it as HIS, and no one else better even try to touch it! He carries it around, licks and grooms it, naps with it, then beats the heck out of it (I mean visciously!), then carries it to the kitty bed and loves it up some more!

I seriously think he looks at it as a small version of Lily, and is getting even...because thats pretty much what She does to him!

Whatever the reason, he's so funny when he "plays" with his baby!
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How cute! It's his kitten! Except without that nursing thing . . .
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Cleo- thats so cute, I can just picture Rudy carrying that beanie baby around

My kitten Missy went into my daughters room a few weeks ago and stole a purple fuzzy Barbie sweater. She carries it around the house all the time and growls at anyone who dares touch it :laughing:

One day my daughter put the sweater (when Missy was sleeping) on a small stuffed toy of hers and when Missy eventually woke up and saw it she freaked out and beat the crap out of the toy to get the sweater off! Its hilarious to see her walking around with that in her mouth :tounge2:
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sometimes they're like little furry people....only better!
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I'm pretty sure those toy mice are made of rabbit fur. The chinese lady had to be pulling your leg.:tounge2: :tounge2:
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